Life can be strange on the Independent Wrestling Circuit


The Heavy On Wrestling Show in Duluth, Minn., drew anywhere from 500 to 850 people, according to people at the show. However, Jake “the Snake” Roberts showed up intoxicated and worked a three-minute match; apparently, a snake handler had brought a snake to the building, but he refused to let Roberts use his snake because of the shape he was in. Also, Rikishi didn’t show up until almost intermission, and Christy Hemme said she was injured and didn’t wrestle, so she was a referee instead.

Meanwhile, Rowdy Roddy Piper appeared for a “Piper’s Pit” segment in EWF in Indiana on Saturday. However, he decided to leave in the second-half of the show, leaving before signing autographs for fans who waited to see him. There were some angry comments today from some EWF fans.

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