More Sports Talk or just more talk?

I put this in the comment box earlier and thought you might want to check this out on the front page:

Word on the street is that ROCK 92 is going to start an afternoon show similar to what Chris and Chris are doing in the morning and this would lead them in their battle against 101.1 if there is an FM Talk battle going on.

WZTK does a local sports call-in show on Sundays after the Panthers games with Britt Whitmire and Scott Brigaman. It usually runs for at least one hour on 101.1 FM and they break down the game and they do take listener phone calls.

The title of the 101.1 show is The Aftermath similar to what 850 the Buzz was doing with their Hurricanes hockey “Storm Watch” pre-game and the post-game Aftermath or Aftermatch if you so desire.