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There are some things that set me off and Rob Daniels’ article did that today.

I’m not a Professional Sports Writer, I’m not even that great of a fan. I enjoy watching the competition and often I watch and immediately forget what I just saw. But I know enough about the NFL and Football to know that MONDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL is on ESPN and not WXII. WXII-12 has SUNDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL. WXLV ABC-45 had Monday Night Football previously.

It’s the little things – how can I even read the article if the basic facts are wrong? Where’s the Sports Editors? Does anybody even watch football at the News & Record? Where’s the fact checkers? Where’s the enthusiasm for the job?

5 thoughts on “Corrections For News & Record

  1. Don, I think there are some at the News and Record that are too busy coming over here, worrying about what we are doing to actually worry about their own operation. I agree with you completely. If basic facts are wrong, it is harder to take the more complex ideas seriously.

  2. When you PAY for something you expect a certain level of quality. The News business is losing good people all the time – not just the News & Record. I cringe watching local TV, when they tease a story (like Duke firing their football coach) minutes after they aired the same story. Did they think I wasn’t watching?

    What does it take to find people in the news business who are actually interested in reading the news. It’s not a job – it’s a lifestyle, otherwise, you are just another talking-head (TV) or hands-on-a-terminal (newspapers). I think the lost of good people and less-than-motivated people is going to be the ultimate demise of newspapers and local TV. Without good content, you can not expect people to watch or read.

  3. Monday Night Football is on NBC on Sunday Night. NBC Bid for the Monday Night Football package (What we remember of Monday Night Football) when they won the contract, they moved Monday Night Football to Sunday. What you watch on Monday nights now is the old Sunday Night games from ESPN. Basically, the quality games are on Sunday. The old sorry games that used to be on Sunday evening with Mike Patrick and Joe Theisman are now the sorry Monday Night Games with Tirico, Jaws and Mr. Tony.

  4. The ABC MNF Announcer Team moved to NBC when ABC moved MNF to ESPN, just as James Brown moved from FOX to CBS. It was an employment deal.

    NBC brands their Sunday football games as “Sunday Night Football”, also “Football Night in America”. ESPN maintains the BRAND – “Monday Night Football”. The BRAND is far more important that the announcers.

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