Cowboys versus Packers / Cable versus Satellite

The bars were packed Thursday Night as Time Warner Cable’s lack of the NFL Network resulted in hundreds of fans leaving their homes to go where they could watch the 10-1 Packers play the 10-1 Cowboys. The demand for the game eventually convinced the NFL to stream the game via the Internet; although, it appears to be over-loaded when I wrote this.

This is the future of professional sports. 70% of the country could not see this game because the way television is changing.

New networks are locking up as many sports as possible. Even Time Warner is in the mix as they have exclusive rights to North Carolina High School athletic championships. You are not going to be able to watch FREE sports in the future. You are going to pay – either at home, in a restaurant or in a bar. Enjoy, but drive home safely.

5 thoughts on “Cowboys versus Packers / Cable versus Satellite

  1. standing room only at legends sports bar on swing rd -most people i have ever seen packed in there-cd

  2. And I’m sure they didn’t have enough staff working because “they didn’t know it was going to be a big game”. I hate going there for any big games because the service is so bad. Plus when you call they act like they don’t know anything about current sporting events a la “You mean the BCS championship game is tonight?”

    /rant off

  3. you are exactly right Yosef- the only to get service is to get there early and get a good seat-cd

  4. Also, the Panthers Sun. night game vs. Dallas will not be shown on Time Warner Cable, at least I know thats a fact for the Wilmongton area.

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