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Standing Up for North Carolina Universities, Congressman Steps Up Pressure on Time Warner joins University President, Athletic Directors, and Conference Chairman in urging Time Warner to carry MASN:

(Greenville, NC) — North Carolina Congressman Walter Jones has stood up for his state’s universities and sports fans by urging delinquent cable company Time Warner to begin immediately carrying MASN and the local NCAA football, basketball and lacrosse featured on the regional sports network.

Twenty North Carolina colleges and universities have agreements to have their games broadcast on MASN, including 30 basketball games in the 2007-2008 season. Yet the state’s dominant cable company, Time Warner, is refusing to televise MASN, effectively blacking out the network for its 1.1 million customers. Currently, MASN is carried by four providers in the state, reaching 700,000 households.

“Twelve North Carolina colleges and universities – including East Carolina University – are competing in football, men’s basketball, baseball, lacrosse and wrestling on the Mid-Atlantic Sports Network (MASN). …[M]any of their games are available directly or indirectly as a result of agreements with MASN,” wrote Congressman Jones in a letter to Time Warner Cable Chairman Glenn Britt.

“I strongly encourage you to reach an agreement with MASN as soon as possible and begin televising on basic cable the “must have” local sports of this regional sports network,” Congressman Jones continued.

In recent months, a growing chorus of community leaders has spoken out in favor of getting MASN on Time Warner Cable. Last week, Georgetown University Athletic Director Bernard Muir wrote to the FCC Chairman in support of MASN, as did High Point University President Nido Qubein and Big South Commissioner Kyle Kallander. In October, East Carolina University Athletic Director Terry Holland sent a letter to Time Warner’s chairman to carry MASN.

MASN and the NFL Network are available from DIRECT TV and DISH Network, you do not have to do business with Time Warner Cable.