Greensboro Festival Of Lights – Video

I attended the 19th Annual Festival of Lights – complete with a Tripod and Camcorder to catch some of the sights and sounds of the season. The Downtown area was P-A-C-K-E-D. Fortunately, the Greensboro Police took it upon themselves to shut Elm Street down, once it became apparent that the crowds were much larger than anticipated. AND YES THEY WERE!!!

With musicians and choirs performing on the sidewalks, there was literally no place to stand and listen and watch the performances. Once the Elm Street was closed, it was much more enjoyable.

I started out at the Main Stage. NC A&T Fellowship Gospel Choir kicked off the night and yes I mean KICKED. Their opening song was great; but I was not set up to record the entire song and the sound crew kept checking things throughout their set. I was able to record the rest of their performance. Jamestown Pipes and Drum followed.

I left the Main stage and wandered down Elm Street. There were several performances I wanted to record; but Elm Street had not been closed at that time and safety was an issue.

At First Citizens Bank, I recorded a few songs by the Greensboro Tarheel Barbershop Choir. Down at Bank of America, I got a song from the Pentecostal Church of Greensboro folks. In front of the Delancy Street Tree Lot, I recorded who I thought were “Holiday Harmony” – a quartet in period costumes singing Christmas carols. In front of the Green Bean, I believe the University Horn Ensemble was performing and I got a few of their instrumental Christmas carols.

All the way down at Center City Park was the find of the night – Hot Pink Flamingos – a group of teenage buddies that jammed. One kid on bass, one of drums and their leader played the Steel Drum and Keyboard. They had a female singer for two songs. The amazing thing was that no only were they good, the crowd was totally entertained and demanded an encore as the bands’ parents were trying to tell them their time was up.

It was pretty much a fun night that I wished could have gone on longer. Enjoy the videos and music.