CiCi’s Pizza NFL picks contest results

Another good week for pizza at CiCi’s on Battleground Avenue and West Market Streets in Greensboro and the CiCi’s in Asheboro. Try the beef, onion, green pepper, and pepperoni pizza at CiCi’s or try anything you like, it’s all free when you win the contest.

This week’s winner is Dan who had the plan and now he’s driving the pizza van with a record of (10-4). Other results included bigbobby at 9-5, Big Jim 8-6. Lisa 8-6, GP 8-6, jj 7-7, Rob 7-7, Roy 7-7, Marshall 6-8, and JA Joey 5-9.

Congrats to Dan and remember the contest continues on throughout the remainder of the regular season. If you are the yearly winner you might take home the new CD from the artist formerly known as Doc Martin, now calling himself Doctor Enugh not to be confused with Doc Watson or Dr J. or Dr. Pepper or Doctor Detroit(Dan Akroyd).

If you missed it rent it one day, Dr. Detroit was one of the best comedy movies ever made. Enough humor in it to make your granny cry. Speaking of movies did you see the Hallmark Hall of Fame presentation last night on CBS? It was called, “Pictures of Hollis Woods”, another one that would make your granny cry. Excellent production with a happy ending. Hallmark cards are a nice touch at Christmas.