Ragsdale Tigers will be tough to tame

Just got back from the Ragsdale-Grimsley game which Ragsdale won by about 16(79-63) and I can tell you that Ragsdale is going to be hard to stop. Grimsley cut the lead to 6 late in the 4th quarter but then then the Tigers went on a run and they put the Whirlies away. Christian Tonkins and Keith Manley were strong inside for Grimsley and JB Beloved was driving the lane but it wasn’t enough as the Ragsdale boys stay unbeaten and they will be over at Page on Friday night.(Page has a perfect record but they face WS Reynolds on Wednesday evening and Pirate coach Robert Kent was in the house scouting the Tigers along with former Page Pirate big man Brandon Clifford who has been everywhere man as Johnny Cash used to say. Clifford was at UNC-Wilmington, Guilford, student assistant at Louisville, a player for a small college in Kentucky and now he’s back in Guilford County.)

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I like this new system at George’s and hopefully this will become a new outlet for GREENSBOROSports.com.

Back to the game and I must put in the good word for Jonathan Leonard’s defense and a shout-out to Jay Canty, Ladarious Canty, and Wally Jones for the job they did on Grimsley for Ragsdale in Jamestown. Mark Teer told us late this afternoon that we all should make the trek to see the big game tonight and Teer was right, the Tigers will be tough to tame.

Ragsdale hits on layups, inside shots, foul shots, and they can run the floor. Like I was saying back at the start, Grimsley played tough in the second half and they closed out the second quarter with a strong effort(cut the lead to 6 then it went back up to 10) but the end of the game was not the way Whirlie coach Darren Corbett wanted to go out. You’ll see the score in tomorrow morning’s paper or you’ll hear it on the Jamestown edition of Jim Modlin’s morning sports report from the steps of the Jamestown News with Ogi Overman beating the Tiger drum, but remember we were there and Grimsley made a game of it no matter what Mr. Over-underman says. Overman was nowhere to be seen, he was probably downtown drinking out of Jim Melvin’s fountain of youth at the Center City Park.

The girls game was kind of like the Southeast game from Monday night with Grimsley going up and then Ragsdale roaring back but this time Ragsdale stayed with the Grimsley girls much longer than SEG did. The Grimsley girls won it by around 10(51-41) and since I was taking pictures for the web site I’ll have to get those finals up on here later. Coach Beasley the head man at Southeast Middle School and the father of SEG’s girls leader Amy Beasley was at the game and he must have been doing a little scouting for future reference.

The Grimsley girls(5-0) and the Ragsdale boys(4-0) remain unbeaten and I still don’t know everything about the Tigers but we should be finding out more about this red-hot squad when they take the court against Page at the Mac Morris Gym on Friday night.

I was calling it Ragsdale boys by 16 and Grimsley girls by 10 and that’s exactly what happened. Can I get some love here from Herb Goins and the Guilford County School System’s Athletic Department? Nobody is covering these local games like GREENSBOROSports.com. Maybe we should back off and let all the other guys catch up? Don’t count on that happening.

Other games on Wednesday night include:Eastern Guilford at SWG, NWG at NEG, Southern Guilford at SEG, and HP Andrews vs. Easthen Randolph.

3 thoughts on “Ragsdale Tigers will be tough to tame

  1. Most of the area teams wont be able to stop Julius Brooks down low this year, or next year.

  2. Hopefully we’ll get a chance to see Julius for the first time this season in game situation tonight vs. WS Reynolds and then get even a closer look against a very tough Ragsdale team on Friday. I told someone last year that Julius would be a real solid player, but that Page better be careful and watch out because they may have to fight to keep him. It will be another good matchup again this year when Julius Brooks faces Keith Manley from Grimsley. Similar games in that they both can dominate on the boards and with blocked shots, although Julius is definitely taller.

  3. Better late than never. That was a good win for Ragsdale. Although I got there late and only saw the last quarter. Hate I missed the first quarter though.
    I bet those seven threes by Ragsdale had the gym rocking. From looking at the box score I noticed zero points from Teyquan Roberts. The big freshman
    must have been in foul trouble. He is going to be a really good player. The Canty brothers are already there. Ragsdale has two tough road games coming
    up at Page and Andrews. Don’t think I can make the Page game but I hope to make it to Andrews. Ragsdale-Andrews is always a good ball game.

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