It’s pay back time for Terry Holland

East Carolina University Athletics Director Terry Holland reimbursed the university Wednesday for wages and aid paid to a relative.

In a news release issued just before 5 p.m., the university announced the $25,000 payment and acknowledged Holland arranged a part-time job and financial assistance for the relative, who is a student at ECU.

“There is no doubt that this incident has created a great deal of embarrassment for ECU and for many good individuals who care about the university and who also care about me,” Holland wrote in a letter to ECU Chancellor Steve Ballard that accompanied his reimbursement check, according to the release.

Holland originally committed to pay $25,000 to the Athletics Department’s Circle of Excellence fundraising campaign in September, after university auditors investigated the employment arrangement, according to the news release. He decided Wednesday to give the money directly to the university.

Multiple media outlets have reported Holland’s 51-year-old brother, Jonathan Gregg Holland, was the student employee who received $8,500 for his labor and another $16,639 to pay for school. Jonathan Holland, a business major, has acknowledged he worked for the Athletics Department, but the university has declined to confirm he was the student cited in an auditor’s report on the arrangement.