Proehl is on a Roll, can you feel the Power?


Greensboro get ready for some elite baseball coming in the summer of 2008. The Proehlific Power will consist of players the ages of 17-19 years of age. The team will be based from players from the whole state of North Carolina. The team is forming and if you are interested in maybe playing or trying out for the team please email The team will play about 50 games this summer and make several travel trips to different cities around the United States. Justin Smith will be the head coach of this team while he will keep his assistant coaches Johnny Smith and Bob Sublett. Once again summer baseball is going to be taken to a new level in the summer of 2008.

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  1. Will the Patriots fold, play on with different players (and coaches?) than play on the Power team, or play with the the same players that are on the Power team (the ones that are geographically-legal of course)? This will be interesting as it develops, as it could have a huge effect on the Palimino league, but hopefully not.

  2. Justin Smith told me earlier in the fall that he and his dad, Johnny Smith, planned to keep the old Patriots team rolling and that there would be two teams. The Prohelic Power and The Guilford Patriots. The Patriots would play strictly a Palomino schedule and the Power would play select Palomino teams and many American Legion teams.

    The Power will be a high-level select Palomino team and they will still have to qualify with all the other teams in the sectional and regional Palomino tournaments to get to the Palomino World Series.

    The thinking is that with the Prohelic Power, there’s a better chance to win the Palomino World Series since this team will be made up of the best of the best and not just a scattering of players coming from a few different schools. The Patriots would be more along the lines of a developmental team for the Power and a team like the Patriots would probably be expected to go something like .500 if they have a good season.

    Hopefully Justin or Johnny will come in and give us some more details. Andy Durham

  3. Obviously, I don’t understand rules of Palimino, but in lower levels of Pony-sanctioned baseball, you have geographical boundaries. The Power team says it will pull players from all over the state, so this would be an all-star team, which is not what Palimino is set up for, at least from my understanding. Either there are no boundaries or they would not be eligible for World Series play. I hope the Smiths will clarify this, as I am sure they know how it all works.

  4. The Guilford Patriots are still going to have a team according to Justin Smith. I talked to Justin Smith the other day and they are still going to have a 17 year old team named the Guilford Ptriots. I called Justin the other day and he stated to me that his team this summer will be top college pitchers who are 18-19 plus the three guys he had last year. I asked him to mention to me some players and man he has got players from teh whole state of NC.

  5. Andy i will answer these questions for you right now. We went to the Palomino World Series last year and the talent there is unbelieveable. Palomino made a rule last year where you can get players from your entire state. That was a rule that was in affect last year. SO for us we have won teh league numerous of times and won the zone numerous of times so i want to win a World Series. My players and i had a meeting and we decided on what we wanted to do and everyone committed to making this a challenge for us. We are going to play in Omaha Nebraska in June in a invitation only tournament. It will be the top 75 teams from across the United States. If anyone follows baseball in this area i have some of the top players from this area also. I have Mike Dimock going to Wake Forest, Blaine McCraw and Esterlin Paulino who committed to NC A &T. We also have some of the top juniors in this area also on this team Logan Self, Robbie Macintosh. We also have just got the kid with the big stick who is 6″3 260 out of the Fay area. So this team is going to be competitive and we will play Palomino and hopefully make a another run to California. Players will be seniors in high school or juniors as well as 6 college players will beon this team, I hope everyone will come and support this team and we hope to make summer baseball a success again this year. Any questions feel free to contact me or email me at Ricky Proehl is a class act and it is just a honor to be associated with him. As of matter of fact we have team workouts for strength and condionting now so you will see a big impact with these players.

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