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Hi Andy, everything is going pretty well up here(at West Point) just getting ready for final exams which start this Saturday. Thank you for your kind words on the web site. They really mean a lot to me. It’s great to hear from you and you have a super holiday as well! Thanks again and take care Andy.

I’ve been taking a look at your site quite frequently and it looks awesome! I’m sure Dudley was happy with their championship victory.

Cadet Larry Clint Moore:West Point(US Army’s Military Academy) Great kid, that Clint Moore….

Hey Andy
How’s it going – long time, no see or hear. I’m getting ready to re-open my wrestling school, living in Clemmons. I weigh 165 lbs. now –(he did weigh 400) but it did not help my looks a bit!! I talk to Link(Rick) and Blaze(Tim) regularly, Plano(Chris) lives in Charlotte and Landell(Buddy with one l) is still a mess. If you have any questions, let me know. I hope you are doing well.

Ken Spence kspenceshoot@aol.com

I’ve played under coach K’s(Stan Kowaleski) leadership since the summer of my sophmore year and until last year when he left High Point Central. I can say that there is no doubt in my mind that coach K(now at Northern Guilford)) is one of the most excellent coaches around this area. Of course he is a buisness man, every other critic just envies him for it. He treats his players as if they are a part of his family, and because of that I have the highest respect for him as well as that whole coaching staff. The fact is, all other coaches, and players who can’t be a part of whats going on, hates him for it. AND ITS NOT RIGHT. Let the guy live his life, coach, and continue to teach kids the way of a succcessful future; Whether it be basketball or not.

Amos Mobley, Senior, High Point Central, Varsity Captain

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  1. Randy, can I make a suggestion? If I were you, I would take down this gentleman\’s email address out of your post unless you want him to get spammed to death! – Phil

  2. I may end up having to take that down, but I was hoping some of the readers might be able to E-mail Ken Spence and check in with the former big man.

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