From what we’re hearing: It’s True, It is True…..

From one of our long-time readers….so I was listening to a podcast:
about formula 1 racing called F1 rejects. Based in Australia, it is a comedic look at racing, embracing the back of the field instead of the front runners. Matter of fact, they sell a clock on their website that is guaraunteed to run slow (like the drivers they discuss)

Like most programs, they play a little music when they change topics or go from segment to segment. On this show, they played a little country.

when it was over, the host announced, “That was OLDER WOMEN MAKE GOOD LOVERS” by THE TRUE BROTHERS.

I had to rewind. yep. THE TRUE BROTHERS are now worldwide!!

from another reader/listener:
The True Brothers should sue the Oak Ridge Boys for plagiarising them and then having a hit song with a similar title….

On the True Brothers, Jacky and Roger, their dad was Jack True, the Santa Claus of Chapman Street.