App State cruises to 3rd National Title

Congratulations to Appalachian State as they have won their THIRD NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP IN A ROW. First ever to do that in the I-AA or FCS.

The Greensboro Sports Dot Com Staff watched the game at J.Butlers (New Garden Rd), where Bartenders Becky and Jackie handled the demands of a rather strange group. More about that later….

This game was supposed to be a tight one; but straight away the Mountaineers took control and never looked back. They stopped the BLUE HENS (Chan pointed out that Delaware is the ONLY school with a female mascot) time and time again. Goal Line Stands – Blocked Passes and more! It seemed as if every time App got the ball they scored. (Pretty much the case in the first half.)

The News & Record has coverage from the Associated Press (nothing like covering a state school going for the National Championship a Third Time). App missed the News & Record coverage because they are not Carolina or in Charlotte. May be the fourth time will be the charm… Here’s the FCS Coverage.

ESPN deserves a DIS as well. Last Friday Night, App’s Semi-Final Game was on the Deuce. Delaware’s Semin-Final game was on ESPN. The Championship was on the Duece. Even coverage of the game was relegated to secondary pages. The Headline included reference the the Michigan win at the start of the season. So much for ESPN.

Back to the GAME, App had it earlier. After Half-time, Delaware regrouped and started moving the ball and stopping the Mountaineer offense that was previously scoring at will; but, eventually, it was just too much to overcome.

Coach Jerry Moore got the Gator-Aid Bath (sponsored “water” this time) with 4 Minutes to go. Chan pulled out the victory cigar and it was on to the waiting out the clock. The Duece shafted the viewers by immediately by immediately dropping the game at the final horn:
– No POST GAME Interviews
– No Analysis
– No Ceromonies

I hope that the FCS seriously looks at this when they evaluate their television contracts. I’m a Carolina Grad, so there’s no issues from that point. But as a Sports Fan, I believe that we deserved more than what ESPN2 delivered.