CiCi’s Pizza NFL picks contest results

Only two weeks left in the NFL regular season and we have another winner for this week’s CiCi’s Pizza Contest.

JA Joey finally got to the Buffet Line with this week’s (10-3) mark and he did pull it off, and JA Joey is this week’s winner of the CiCi’s Pizza Buffets, two of them in fact and his drinks will be included.

The complete results are JA Joey(10-3), GP(9-4), Helms(9-4), BigBobby(8-5), BigC(8-5), Big Jim(8-5), Rob(8-5), and Roy(8-5).
Another tight race but we didn’t have to use the points this week to decide the winner.

Only two weeks left in the regular season, be sure to get in on next week’s contest.