Tar Heels/Blue Devils on the same radio station

The North Carolina Tar Heels and Duke Blue Devils are being carried on the same radio station this season. WBAG 1150AM out of Burlington has both Tar Heel and Blue Devil games on the air this basketball season.

Bill Huff the long-time sports director for WBAG was promoting the games the other morning on his talk show with Harry Myers. Bill said be sure to catch the Heels on Wednesday night and then you can hear the Blue Devils on Thursday.

UNC is #1 and Duke is something like #7, so that is some pretty stout coverage for college basketball in this area. Joe Gray and his dad Ed Gray are the station owners and they know how to tap into a market. If there is a conflict with both teams playing the same day and not against each other then UNC gets the top priority because they have been fixtures on the WBAG sports lineup longer than Duke or at least they have been in place for a longer stint in recent years.

We’ve got Woody Durham one night and then Bob Harris is coming your way the next evening. Most of the games in question will be played at night and you can’t hear WBAG in Guilford County at night but there will be some exceptions with day games and those can be heard in your house on a decent radio and come through loud and clear in your car where most of us reside during the day.

“Hark the souds of Tar Heel Voices and Devil with a Blue Dress on, and it’s on 1150AM WBAG Burlington.” Bill Huff and Joe Gray have done it again.

*****UNC and Duke are carried on other stations but you can’t hear them both on the same station anywhere else but at WBAG*****

3 thoughts on “Tar Heels/Blue Devils on the same radio station

  1. so, when Duke plays Carolina, which announcing crew will they broadcast?? And which crew will they use during the ACC tournament???

  2. The Heels have top priority for UNC-DUKE and for the tournament. The Heels have been with WBAG longer on a consistant basis in recent years, maybe the last 2-3 years straight.

  3. That should make the Duke fans in Burlington happy. Having to listen to Andy’s dad Woody during the UNC-Duke game.

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