Razzing Romo For Saturday

Dallas Fans hate Jessica Simpson because he played stiff last week. One Site said he’d be a little stiff if Jessica was in the stand watching him.

Then there’s Ruin Romo Dot Com, a website that has instructions and and graphics to down load a Jessica Simpson fan mask. They hope that the fans will hold their Jessica mask to Ruin Romo.

It should be interesting as they report 118,663 downloads since yesterday.


  1. rich brenner neil mcneil and emily byrd all had them on yesterday- rich looked pretty sweet-maybe they can get one for tom brady -who was that model he knocked up?

  2. Unfortunately, I was out of town and missed the WGHP show. They are really upset that the Panthers are not on cable or WGHP. The deal is that if the game is sold out, it would be available to the LOCAL team stations (WCCB in Charlotte). No dice, it’s cold, Christmas and Saturday night. There will be available seats. I used to get free tickets to the game; but my ticket source has moved on. There are a lot of Season Ticket holders in the area that pass of games late in the season, especially cold, night games.

    It’s Bar Time in Greensboro for Panthers Fans.

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