CiCi’s Pizza contest results

Here are the totals and they are a couple of days late since this seems like it is a Monday, but look at it, it’s already Wednesday.

JJ was this week’s winner with his mark of 9-4 and he called for 52 points in the SundayNighter and the total was 53 in the ‘Skins win over the Vikings. Washington can make the playoffs if they can beat Dallas this coming Sunday.

The total run-down from last week went:Big Jim 10-3, JJ 9-4(52pts.), Helms 9-4(49pts.), GP 9-4,(63pts.), Rob 9-4(38pts.), BigC 9-4(42pts.), Roch101 8-5, Johnny Smith 7-6, Big Bobby 6-7.

One more week to go in the contest, so be sure to get in again this Friday.