Website Speed Fixed

Over the past few days we have been experiencing some issues with the Website Loading Slowly. After some investigation, it was discovered that we were on a busy database server. Today I moved everything to one that is not as busy, so I hope.

2 thoughts on “Website Speed Fixed

  1. We actually use PAIR out of Pittsburgh. I’m an early client, being on one of the earlier servers (#17 of 483 – not including mail and database servers) and I really have not kept up with their new features and such until it began affecting site performance. I didn’t realize so much had changed, nor how big they had become. In looking back, I remember that I’ve had as many as 4 hardware upgrade without a problem.

    I think what had happened was us early users started doing fancier thinks with our websites and it created some issues with load balancing. I was on a list to have my database moved off my matched database server to a new one; but after some more issues with load times – I did it myself. It took all of 5 minutes to back up the database, create a new one on a new server, restore the database and load the new parameters into the blog.

    I was going to wait until I pushed out a new template to move the database; but the delays were getting worse.

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