CiCi’s Pizza NFL picks contest results

This was our last week of the contest and Helms was winner in week number 17. Helms finished up at 11-4 take home the last two CiCi’s Pizza Buffets. Helms was (11-4), Big Jim went (11-4), Rob closed out the year at (10-5), James Tucker came in at (9-6), Nick was (9-6), and BigBobby and BigC ended tied up at (6-9) each.

If our tracking numbers are correct Big Jim slipped past Rob to take the overall title for the season by two games. Big Jim said he felt like he was moving in front and that he would over take Rob at the end and it looks like December was the deciding month and the last couple of weeks allowed Big Jim to capitilize and grab the crown.

We look forward to another amazing race next season. Speaking of the Amazing Race over on CBS, you got to like the kid and his grandpa. We’ll some other crazy contest coming up soon so stay tuned.