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All these TV commercials make me hear “THE SKY IS FALLING”, it’s NOT!

1. If you have Cable or Satellite – you don’t need to change a thing. The cable and satellite companies have got you covered.

2. If you watch on Rabbit Ears, be prepared to upgrade your equipment.

Seriously, it is that simple!!!! Your cable or satellite provider is going to give you the same signal you have today. If you want High Definition, you will pay more money – for both a new TV and your service. You do not need a NEW TV or any additional services to continue watching cable and satellite after next year.

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2 Comments on “Digital TV Explained – SIMPLE EXPLANATION

  1. if you have rabbit ears all you need to get is a converter from analog to digital if you dial a number i cant remember what it is you will get a coupon for 40$ off a 50 buck converter or if you buy a new tv you will not even need a converter -this is another government scam to make everybody go crazy-cd

  2. The coupons become available in a few weeks; but they have a Hard Expiration Date. If you get a coupon too soon, it might expire before converter boxes are available. It will be Wii all over again.

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