Jeff Hardy does it again, this time a Swanton Bomb from the top of the Ritter’s Lake Tower

Several years ago people used to flock out to the big lake off of Ritter’s Lake Road in Greensboro and spend all day swimming and diving into this massive body of water. There was a tall tower/platform structure that stood out in the middle of the lake and the local residents would pay good money to come in to swim and dive off of that tall, tall, tower. The tower stood about 30-40 feet up in the air and the brave would make their way up to the top off that tower and dive off into the waters below. I never participated but I heard all of the stories from those brave souls that made their way to the lake called Ritter’s out off of South Elm-Eugene Street at Ritter’s Lake Road.

Last week on the WWE’s Monday Night Raw show, Jeff Hardy, made a backwards leap from 15 feet above the ring and landed on Umaga. This was another in a line of big-time moves by Hardy and this his “Swanton Bomb” is now becoming famous around the world. The only problem about this fame that Jeff Hardy has achieved with his outstanding Swanton Bomb dives, is that every time he pulls off one of these unbelievable moves, he then has to proceed to top it at a later date.

Hardy wasted little time in topping his Swanton Bomb of Monday January 7. Jeff did it again last night and when Jeff Hardy goes about to top a move, he really tries to blow away the previous mark. Last Monday’s move by Hardy was like jumping into a baby pool when compared to what he did last night on Monday January 14. Last night’s Swanton Bomb was like a dive off that 30 foot tower at Ritter’s Lake.

Jeff Hardy faced Randy Orton and the two went back and forth with very little time spent in the ring after Orton received the early DQ. As the two combatants were working outside the ring, Hardy was able to toss Orton off the platform they were standing on, over the top, and down into a pit area. Orton lay motionless in the pit(all part of the script) as Hardy then climbed a light tower up 30 feet into the air above the pit. Hardy began climbing the tower, stopped at about 20 feet and then went on up to the 30 foot mark.

From there Hardy made his “Swanton Bomb” dive and landed on Randy Orton who was at least 30-35 feet below when you take into consideration the depth of that pit area.

The televison cameras made it appear that Hardy had landed on Orton but if he did both men or least Orton would probably be dead. As you would expect both men were hauled out on stretchers and I think they are doing fine today. It was another great move by Hardy, albeit very dangerous, and I know that Hardy had to practice this move at least once if not more times before Monday night. If Hardy does not practice this move before he tries it the outcome could be deadly. Even with practice, one false move during the attempt, and you have an Owen Hart moment on your hands.

How far will Jeff Hardy go? How high will Jeff Hardy go? Will his next leap be his last?

One thing is for certain, he is very good at what he does but he still is taking a major risk every time he makes another leap toward the ring. This is a Leap Year(2008, Leap Year, February 29, right?) and there may be no stopping Jeff Hardy until he lands wrong and ends up unable to move and is in a wheelchair for the rest of his life at age 30.

I enjoy watching Jeff Hardy make those breath-taking dives from 30 feet up in the air, but Ritter’s Lake had to end their platform/tower diving because of insurance risks and Jeff Hardy is not jumping into a lake.

Jeff Hardy better be careful, it’s great to watch him jump, but in the long run, it’s good to know he can still walk.