Doss could Get R Done…..

One more note on Bob Doss that I did not include yesterday or on Tuesday.

Doss could get it done, or Get R Done if you subscribe to the Larry the Cable Guy dictionary. I was looking through some pictures last night from an old Palomino World Series scrapbook that Bob gave me and it brought the memory of how Bob Doss could work the crowd like no other.

It was back in the late 80’s or early 90’s and the World Series was in town and Bob was running his world famous “Split the Pot” contest, where you buy the ticket and when they call the winner’s number if it that ticket is yours then you get half of the money that came in from the sale of the tickets. You would win half or the split, sometimes you might take home as much as $500.00 and the other $500.00 would go to Palomino Baseball. Bob would run the “Split the Pot” contest several times during the tournament and it would raise tons of money to help support Palomino Baseball.

Bob Doss made that “Split the Pot Contest” famous and others have tried to copy it, but nobody did it like Doss did. Bob Doss was the master of the “Split the Pot Contest”, and there’s no telling how much money he raised over the years for Palomino Baseball with this simple formula.