High School

On the mat at Southeast Guilford

I spoke with Guilford County Schools director of Athletics Herb Goins last evening when we were both attending the Dudley-Northern Guilford basketball game and he told me he has full confidence in SEG wrestling coach Jim Cox and I would assume the same could be said for the Falcons assistant coach, Jim Cox’s son, Jed Cox.

Herb Goins told me that it was a bit funny to hear all the trashing of Cox and his and program by the disgruntled parents and then on Monday one of the so-called infected wrestlers shows up at Southeast with a clean bill of health signed by his doctor and wants to contiune wrestling.
A clean bill of health from the doctor.

Coach Cox, his son Jed, and the way he runs his program have been called into question, but according to what I have been reading in the papers and from what Herb Goins has told me, it sounds like certain parents and certain families are trying to take the Falcon progarm down.

Coach Cox is an employee in good standing with Guilford County and has put in many long, hard years, coaching and serving at Southeast Guilford.

Can parents destroy and ruin something that has been bulit up over many years? Stay tuned…..