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WFMY TV 2 used to have a show called “The Good Morning Show” with Lee Kinard and the show may still be around but I believe Lee has left the building. Since Mr. Kinard is gone but not forgotten let’s change the show around a little and take a look back at some of the lowlights and highligts from this past weekend with “The Bad Morning Show”. Why can’t we be honest, all of the mornings are not going to be good and we might even be able to generate some ratings with this new show and revised format.

From the weekend and since this is “The Bad Morning Show”, how about those ugly Maryland basketball uniforms. Those are the ugliest uniforms I have ever seen in my life. Yellow with red trim. That is pug ugly or butt ugly, take your pick. Doesn’t Southern Cal wear some sort of butt ugly uniform like the ones that Maryland was sporting. And didn’t I see their man Tim Floyd being escorted off of the court by police this past weekend for insubordination. Tim Floyd has to be one of the worst coaches in the history of basketball at any level. And Debbie Yow the Terp AD, from Gibsonville non the less, should be ashamed of those ugly turtle shells. Yellow uniforms with red trim and a checkered flag on the side? Looks like something at a Shell station.

NASCAR actually has a chance to do something. Run shorter races. Saturday night’s race was near-perfect. Have 70-100 lap races and you might be able to keep your audience. Run 50 laps and take a break, like a halftime and then come back with the second half of the race. Neck and neck, real tight racing, is what all the necks and the rest of us newer fans would like to see. Dale Earnhardt Jr. winning the Budweiser Shootout has all types of sports fans psyched up for the Daytona 500, which should be the Daytona 115. Race fans are ready, but are the NASCAR officials ready to make the necessary changes to keep their sport growing in the right direction, which in my opinion would lead to shorter races and more exciting/interesting action.
*****Shorter races interesting-Long races BORING.*****

There are a few good things we need to mention on “The Bad Morning Show”. Scott Houston from Northwest Guilford set a state record in the pole vault event at the NCHSAA indoor track and field meet in Chapel Hill. Houston’s vault cleared the bar at 16 feet/6 inches to set the new state record and it gave him first place. The old mark was 15 feet/3 inches also set by Houston back in 2007. The Grimsley boy’s swimming team had success at the state meet in Chapel Hill. Myles Oliver was a big winner for the Whirlies and he was the anchor on the 200 meter freestyle relay team that grabbed a gold and the team also earned second place in the 200 medley. The team was made up of Myles, William Ruhm, Adam Nussbaum, and our man James Gentry. James is the son of Jim and Susan Gentry and he has been swimming in local pools and spas and lakes and ponds and creeks for many, many years. I was happy to pick up the Sunday N&R and see James’ name among the champions. James also plays lacrosse and is a band member at Grimsley. James Gentry, a state champion, good stuff on “The Bad Morning Show”.

Good stuff for the NC A&T men’s basketball team on Saturday at Florida A&M. The Aggies were winners in Double OT and Greensboro Day School grad Steven Rush had 21 points to pace Jerry Eaves’ squad. The Lady Aggies were winners over FAMU as well running their record to (16-5) overall and (9-0) MEAC. The unbeaten MEAC mark is good for first place. Good stuff for Jeremy Clayton out of Smith High School and now a major player for the Apps of Appalachian State University. Clayton took his game to a higher level in the ASU win in OT over the Citadel on Saturday. Clayton had 14 points and 16 rebounds in the huge hoops win for the Appalachian men.

High School baseball practice is supposed to get started today, we’ll see who has the jump on Monday February 11, 2008.

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  1. Thanks, Andy for the coverage on Grimsely; it was an exciting day for those guys. You’re doing great work in promoting Greensboro-area athletes. We appreciate it!

  2. Yeah, it was quite the sight – the six foot two, eighteen year old Hitchcock, in that same dirty Elfquest t-shirt, hanging out in the Old Rebel studio audience, hogging the camera, knocking little kids out of the shot, show after show after show. It was a different era.

  3. I forgot to mention two of the better characters on the George Perry “cast of list”, Homer the Hound and Marvin the Mule. I believe that Jim Wigglesworth was credited with part of their creation. I also have a slight memory of a toy train that used to run around the studio backwards and they called it something along the railway lines of “Bruce the Caboose”.

    Rebel with a cause.

  4. Hey Andy,
    Newsflash, you’re a freaking idiot. You’re still bitter that Maryland beat NC State, yet again, and the only bad thing you can say after your team got their butts handed to them is their ugly uniform. THEY AREN’T UGLY! The University of Maryland’s ORIGINAL colors are Black and GOLD (not yellow, jacka$$…maybe next time, do a little research), so they’re sporting their true school colors.
    If you want to talk about ugly, talk about how ugly the NC State women’s pink uniforms were. I’m all about support breastcancer research, so obviously I support them wearing those uniforms, but that doesn’t mean that they weren’t hiddious!

  5. Hey Terp, if that’s gold they are wearing then your’e blind and so am I. Did you watch the game on TV or see the pictures in the paper? That’s yellow man and you are an idiot if think that color is gold.

    The Maryland uniforms are yellow and they are ugly. Show me some gold or you are an idiot and you flunked coloring books and crayon box 101. You tell me Maryland’s colors are Gold? Why don’t they wear some gold and not that Butt Ugly Yellow?

    Maybe they should change their names to the Maryland Yellow Jack*****. That might be a better fit for them.

  6. Hey Andy,
    IT IS GOLD! Its based on the Maryland state flag dipshit ( and so are all of Maryland’s school colors. I WAS AT THE GAME AND I’M HOLDING ONE OF THE GOLD UNIFORMS IN MY HAND! SAME color as the GOLD in the flag! Maybe they don’t teach the difference between gold and yellow in North Carolina or maybe your TV just sucks. Either way, you’re an idiot.

    And check this out – if you think UMD’s colors aren’t Red, White, Black, and Gold. ( Be sure you look at the part on the right, a little under the UMD ball logo in which they name the school colors AND SHOW YOU WHAT GOLD LOOKS LIKE and that it is the same color of their gold uniforms they wore Saturday when they kicked State’s ass.

  7. For those that missed it, I posted saying that your boy Andy doesn’t know what the color gold is and that a). it is one of 4 UMD colors, b). that gold IS the color of the uniform that the before mentioned Andy talks about, c). I was AT the game and saw them in person for the 2nd time this year and d). that I’m actually HOLDING one in my hand and it is indeed gold.
    Gold is one of the colors on the MD state flag ( and the colors of the University of Maryland are actually based off of those same colors. The gold uniforms that are mentioned in this article are in fact gold, if you compare them to the University colors mentioned here ( Look on the right, a little bit down the page.

    Next time, do a little research.

  8. For those that missed it, I posted saying that your boy Andy doesn’t know what the color gold is and that a). it is one of 4 UMD colors, b). that gold IS the color of the uniform that the before mentioned Andy talks about, c). I was AT the game and saw them in person for the 2nd time this year and d). that I’m actually HOLDING one in my hand and it is indeed gold.

  9. Look up UMD’s colors and the colors of the MD state flag on wikipedia, since this stupid comment section apparently won’t let you post links…you’ll see GOLD is one of the colors, not yellow, and that the before mentioned uniforms are indeed gold.

  10. Sorry, Andy. Dave is right. Yellow = post-it note. Gold = the guys your team is going to lose to.

    And someone should send a memo to Coach Lowe: only Jimmy V and guys working for valet parking are allowed to wear red sport coats.

  11. andy i just saw them uniforms and i think they are beige and even lefty dreisell thinks they are ugly i bet dave is pretty ugly

  12. Good one Bob, calling me ugly! Glad we’re back in kindergarten…or maybe that’s the highest level of education you’ve received in which case, I applaud you.

  13. Andy, you are correct about shorter races. Those 4 plus hour marathons are nothing but a snoozfest, meant only for the hardcore fanatics too plastered on Budweiser to know any better.

  14. Beige: the color of the court, or the color of your underwear if you’re not up to date on your laundry.

    You may want to get your eyes checked while you’re at it.

  15. If what I saw on TV and in Sunday’s paper was Gold then the person who designed those Maryland Jack*** uniforms is an idiot. N.C. State played like dogs on Saturday night and they deserved to lose.

    Maryland deserves to lose those uniforms and get something else like the old Maryland red and whites. The current yellow in those Maryland uniforms is ugliest thing and sorriest excuse for for team colors that I have ever seen.

    Maryland has some talented players but their Yellow uniforms are UGLY!!!!!

    Wake Forest has gold in their uniforms and Maryland has that butt UGLY yellow. If Yellow is the state color of Maryland then there must be a long YELLOW streak running down the middle of that Butt UGLY Yellow state.

    Can we not tell the difference between yellow and gold here? Is there not a stark differnce between the Gold of Wake and the Yellow of Maryland?

    If the Maryland state officials say their color is gold then it needs to be gold and not Butt UGLY Yellow…..

  16. Has anyone noticed how much John Hitchcock LOOKS like the Old Rebel?? Maybe that’s why he hung around the set so much.

    and Dave, Marylands’ uniforms are yellow, like their backs, hearts, and fans.

  17. We might go as far as saying the only gold Dave has been seeing and holding is a few cases of Tuborg’s Gold, the “official brew of the state of Maryland”.

    Nothing like those “Golden Years”, Dave Bowie.

  18. Dogs on Saturday? Try dogs all season.

    In their 8 losses, NC State has averaged losing by over 14 points.
    In their 8 wins over respectable teams (USC, Nova, Davidson, Cincy, and ACC teams), their average margin of victory is under 4. All but two of those wins were by 3 points or less.

    Wake and Georgia Tech “gold” just looks like piss. And if my underwear are pink, it’s only cause I accidentally washed your mom’s underwear in the same load.

  19. andy i think these yellow belly yankees must be trying to see if their bellies match them maryland uniforms they all have been wimpy ever since lefty bailed

  20. My thoughts are that the great Maryland players of past years, John Lucas, Len Elmore, Tom McMillian, Mo Howard, Len Bias…They wouldn’t be caught dead in those UGLY Yellow uniforms with the exception of Bias and he has no choice.

    They are the ugliest sight in the ACC and as for the Maryland Terrapin fans? The are dogging it on the Yellow Brick Road and since the Terps have become the real dogs in this story, let’s call them, “The Old Yellars”.

  21. the old yellar belly yankee maryland turtles looked pretty bad last night andy-lefty said this might not be the year of the turtles

  22. For the record , I was on The Old Rebel Show once when I was four or five.
    I have never owned an Elfquest shirt of any kind.
    But I do remember seeing a big headed kid on The Uncle Paul Show stealing children’s popcorn.
    He was wearing a Hulk Rules T shirt too.

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