Only 7 minutes for 7’7 Kenny George:HPU over UNC-A 80-71

The Big Man came to High Point last night and the game was a sell-out and Kenny George was 2-3 from the field for UNC-A, but the 7’7 giant of a man only saw 7 minutes of action. High Point University grabbed the Big South conference win 80-71 over the Bulldogs from Asheville and the Purple Panthers’ Arizona(AZ) Reid was the games’s leading scorer with 32 points.

Senior KJ Garland from Greensboro Day School is now UNC-Asheville’s all-time assist leader and he hit for 16 points last night to help increase the Bulldogs chances although UNC-A’s leading scorer Bryan Smithson did not play at all. With the Big Man Kenny George slowed with bad knees and/or a bad attitude that didn’t help the Bulldogs chances either. George didn’t stay on the court long at all in pre-game warmups, he only had two stints of action in the first half(total of seven minutes), came out from the locker room late to start the second half, and when George was on the court he could barely move. In most cases when a UNC-A shot would go up or when they were shooting free throws he would head back down early to get set to play defense so he wouldn’t have to run back down the court. George didn’t play at all in the second half, in fact he never took his warmups off.

Maybe Kenny George’s dad is telling him to be careful and take it easy so he doesn’t over do things, and get hurt any worse with his knees, than he already is.(Hoping for a pro contract, maybe dad is talking to an agent) Geroge is huge, he reminds me a little of Andre the Giant, but the star of last night’s game was AZ(Arizona) Reid from HPU. KJ Garland from Greensboro Day was the man for UNC-A.

Everybody was trying to get to the players after the game and we got Kenny George, KJ Garland, and Arizona Reid on tape and Don should have that up for you later today. The new girl from NEWS 2 was there, Cabell Philpott from 790 the Ball was in the house at HPU, and the top writer for the High Point Enterprise, Tom Berry, was on the scene.

GREENSBOROSPORTS.COM with Don Moore and Andy Durham was on hand and we took it all in and are giving back to you the local readers and viewers. Coming home from High Point in a driving snowstorm made wonder why I ended up in the sports field and why I ended up on High Point Road heading through Jamestown in what looked at times like a blizzard and the streets were covered with that white mess. But I guess it’s better than yellow snow.

In other local hoops the Dudley girls behind Helen Terry’s 32 points defeated Bishop McGuinness 65-58. tonight it’s High Point Wesleyan at Greensboro Day School with both girls and boys action. HPW has Josh Coble and James Robbins and GDS has Bruce Woodall, Jay Lewis, Javan Mitchell, Chip Wintringham, Ryan Carty, Christian Pulliam and company.