Hockey League Closes Mid-Season – Team Goes On Drunken Binge

When the Jamestown Vikings of the Mid-Atlantic Hockey League realized that the league had folded for the season, they decided to get drunk. Drunk people do stupid things, and they were not going to disappoint the anti-drinking crowd – they trashed their historic offices. The full article can be found at the (Jamestown NY) Post-Journal website.

I’m not familiar with the Mid-Atlantic Hockey League; but from the tone of their we’re closing today for a better tomorrow letter on their website, I’ll probably never hear from them again. The story is that most of the teams are thousands of dollars in debt. I couldn’t find any attendance figures. Player transactions appear as if players are moving up to the CHL and ECHL. They call themselves the Premier A League – ECHL is the Premier AA League – there does NOT appear to be an Premier AAA league before NHL.

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