Put on Your Dancing Shoes:The ACC today

from theacc.com at our local Greensboro offices:

Jeff Teague scored 26 points and Wake Forest shocked No. 2 Duke 86-73 on Sunday night, ending the Blue Devils’ 12-game winning streak.

James Johnson added 24 points for the Demon Deacons (16-8, 6-5 Atlantic Coast Conference), who claimed their first victory against a top-five team since they also knocked off the then-No. 4 Blue Devils on Feb. 2, 2005.

The Demon Deacons held Duke (22-2, 10-1) without a field goal for more than 7 minutes in building the first double-figure lead of the game for either team, with Teague’s three-point play with 4:58 left making it 72-62.(Wake went on a 16-2 run)

After Kyle Singler’s layup at the 11:20 mark gave the Blue Devils their largest lead of the half at 60-55, they missed 11 consecutive shots before Paulus ended the drought with a 3 with just over 4 minutes left. They didn’t get closer than six points the rest of the way.

Freshman Nolan Smith scored a season-high 21 points, DeMarcus Nelson had 18 points and Singler finished with 17 for the Blue Devils, who had all five starters foul out in the closing moments in losing for the fourth time in five visits to Winston-Salem.

Jamie Skeen added 10 points for Wake Forest.
*****Are the Demon Deacons ready to put on their Dancing Shoes? Wake’s RPI rose to #61 after the win over Duke and the Deacs don’t want no freaks. WFU is ready to dance and they might just be set to make the field of 65. Things are looking up for Wake Forest and now’s the time for all those no-names(Jeff Teague, James Johnson, Chas McFarland, Gary Clark and others) to go ahead and lock it down. Wake is ready to shake and bake, this is no fake, they are going to make a trip to the NCAA Tournament. Last night’s win over Duke was one of the biggest in WFU basketball history. The Demon Deacons are ready to dance.*****

9 thoughts on “Put on Your Dancing Shoes:The ACC today

  1. SKIP PROSSER left the cubbard stocked when he passed on. Skip was a great man, always taking time to talk to anyone regardless of their role. The man was a visionary, and built this team to win an ACC championship. Johnson and Teague were 8th and 9th best players at their positions in this class and showed last night the potential that Skip saw in them.

    Another great coach in this league is SETH GREENBERG, like Skip, he takes marginal talent and competes wih the bigs. Maybe this year he’s having a rough time, but he’ll be back. It amazes me how some tear these men down despite their accomplishments, but I know that here, at SometimesGreensborosports.com, these guys will be seens as the icons they are.

  2. You people are missing the point. This is Big Four country. Greensboro is the ACC, we live in the midst of Wake Forest, Duke, North Carolina, and N.C. State.

    We cover our local colleges but we have to hit the ACC because that’s what the people are talking about. Virginia Tech? UConn? This is Big Four country and the Duke-Carolina game gets higher per capita ratings in the Triad than the Super Bowl does.

    Andy Durham and all the other Durhams, we made the ACC what it is today. I had the highest rated sports talk show in the history of Greensboro and we talked about DUKE/NORTH CAROLINA and ACC Big Four basketball.

    This web site is now the highest rated sports web site in the history of Greensboro and the Mid Atlantic Wrestling.Net site just linked up one our stories this past weekend and the readers are still coming over here today.

    I like the fact that you guys are speaking out, I just need to help you with what your’e saying and how you say it, and I will.


  3. So, “This is Big Four country and the Duke-Carolina game gets higher per capita ratings in the Triad than the Super Bowl does.”

    I’m not sure where you got your numbers, but the Super Bowl pulled a 44.3 rating (63 share) this year in the Triad market, according to the Nielsen folks. The Duke-Carolina game Feb. 6 pulled a 21.8 rating (32 share). And that’s the way it’s been for a LONG time. As a matter of fact, four NFL playoff games this year had higher ratings than the Duke-Carolina game.

  4. Highest rated sports radio show in the history of Greensboro, huh? While I hate to confuse these arguments with facts, just what exactly was your measuring stick for these so called “ratings?”

    Hey, your show was ok, but what ever happened to DJ Oboy? That guy was off the hook. You guys should get back together and do a reunion tour or something.

  5. There may have been big numbers for the Super Bowl this year but in all honesty the passion in this area belongs to the ACC and Duke-Carolina and to some degree State-Carolina. Many of the TV’s tuned in to the Super Bowl were on at bars and clubs and at large Super Bowl parties where many of the attendees were not watching. They were there but they were just THERE.

    When the ACC comes on and it’s the Duke-Carolina rematch in Durham(home of many of my close relatives) then the fans will watching. There is the PASSION. This is the game because it is happening in our back yard. We are Tobacco Road or Row depending on which kind of farm you were raised on.

    Basketball is our livelihood and it still rules. The numbers they show will always be a bit skewed and tell me the truth, be honest here Springer, where are your real roots? Is it the ACC(Duke-Carolina or Carolina-State and the ACC Tournament opening day Friday/used to be Thursday, is a landmark after all the years) or is it the once a year Super Bowl?

    The ACC rules. I am already looking ahead to the Duke-Carolina rematch(Can’t wait, this will be the new game of the year)…..

    Talk to us JD…..Where are you and the others standing? ACC or SB? Let’s break this topic down…….

    I don’t forget a thing. They call me, Total Recall. I have always been telling the Truth here at GREENSBOROSports.com, it’s just the way I like to dress it up for the Special Display and tonight’s audience seems to like it.

    Radio show numbers usually came in by word of mouth and by the number of phone calls. People wouldn’t quit talking about that show. You should have heard some of the four-letter words those ministers were using….

    Gentleman, STARRRRRRRT your Injunsssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!

  6. It was so popular…..It went off the air. There probably needs to be a “Do not feed the animals” sign on this site.

  7. What went off the air? The ACC tournament is still on air isn’t it? We watch every game every year and you are saying it won’t be available this season?

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