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GSC President responds to article on the tournament formerly known as the Little Four

We received this comment today from Richard Beard President of the Greensboro Sports Council in response to our article earlier today on the Pizza Hut Invitational basketball tournament. We will continue to promote this event through our channels of written articles, video, and photographs here at GREESNBOROSports.com.

We appreciate the comments from Mr. Beard and others like him because we want to know and we will always be asking the questions along the lines of, “What is going on with Guilford County Athletics?” We encourage your thoughts about the new tournament format.

I do believe that Northern Guilford and Ragsdale will bring big crowds and anxious fans and that both of the new schools have a balance of solid boys and girls basketball programs.

Here are the comments of Mr. Beard, the President of the Greensboro Sports Council:

As President of the Greensboro Sports Council, let me help set the story straight. First, as the press release stated, we are committed to Guilford County High Schools. This will continue to be a Guilford County tournament and will continue to be the most successful holiday tournament in North Carolina. Second, this tournament has been an invitational tournament for many years and the Sports Council has always reserved the right to invite teams each year. Third, we are “technically” not having the tournament in 2008 solely due to the scheduling around Christmas and the fact High Schools cannot play on Sundays. Isn’t January 1, 2 & 3 close enough?! It’s still during the school winter break! Also, there is a conflict with the Coliseum and its hosting of the Southern Scuffle national college wrestling tournament. We continue to look at improving this great tradition and reserve the possibility of expanding the number of participating schools. We will also strive to make this tournament the most competitive tournament in the Triad. Fortunately, Guilford County schools have a rich tradition for great high school basketball, both girls and boys. We are lucky to have such a great pool of schools to choose from. Stay tuned!

At GREENSBOROSports.com we also say Stay tuned!!!!!