Spring sports report

We were at the Northern Guilford-Smith baseball game last night and we will have video on that first-ever game and the first-ever win for the Nighthawks up here on the site later today. It was history in the making when NG topped the Golden Eagles 10-2 at the new Nighthawks’ Nest out on Spencer Dixon Road.

The field and lights looked great and Northern has a top-notch facility and from what I’m hearing the Smiths(Johnny and Justin) have put in many hours working to get that field ready to play on. Johnny said he got there at 8am on game day with a 6pm scdeduled first-pitch. Smith Marketing has kicked in quite a few dollars along with Chris Gunter and Gunter’s Conveinence Store on the scoreboard to make NG a first class operation for their first year of baseball with 9th and 10th graders, many of whom were cut from their Middle School teams last year.

Baseball games scheduled today but they will probably called off because of rain:
WS Carver at SWG
High Point Central at Lexington
SEG at Trinity
NEG at Eastern Guilford
Northwest Guilford at WG

Next week for Northwest Guilford in baseball:
5:30PM Boys Junior Varsity Baseball Southwest Guilford High School Home
6:00PM Boys Varsity Baseball Southwest Guilford High School Away
5:30PM Boys Junior Varsity Baseball Southwest Guilford High School Away
6:00PM Boys Varsity Baseball Southwest Guilford High School Home

*****Word on the street yesterday afternoon was that Northwest Guilford boy’s varsity basketball coach, Mike Everett, either was fired or stepped down on Thursday and is out as coach at NWG.*****

+++++This just in and you heard it here first, as is usually the case, or I would like to think so;
Mike Everett resigned last week. Mike is a Western Guilford/HPU grad and we wish him and his wife Nancy and their kids all the luck in the world.+++++


  1. Now if they will just fire the principal and AD at NWG and then we can start over and build a winning tradition in football and hoops. Kidd and Hughes are holding us back!

  2. It is a blessing that Coach Everette is gone he is and was a TERRIBLE COACH his record speaks for all his success and I am betting he was pushed out …..way to go NW create excellence in Sports as well as Academics , and the first step is losing the dead weight !!

  3. I think the next NW coach should be a parent. They seem to know more about what it means to be a good coach. Reading the prior posts, I think we need to just get rid of all administrators and coaches and allow the parents to just run the school. Sorry I guess that is already happening. Good luck to the players that remain. I hope you learn to stand on your own and not rely on your parents to run your life and influence everyone you come in contact with. Bottom line: if you are not at all of the practices and interact with the student/athletes other than game day, you should not have an opinion. May the NW Parents finally get the coach that they deserve.

  4. Any Coach would be better than the one you had , obviously didnt know how to Coach thank God the Parents stepped in to save the Kids from the Crap this team suffered from what I hear it was disaster all season ………..It’s amazing to me that he lasted as long as he did … He is a wonderful person just not a Good Coach like I think someone said before look at his record …..

  5. Isnt this the team that was loaded with AAU Players ? I went to one game it seemed to me when the players got to scoring good he would take them out…didnt quite get that? The game I was at there were 2 kids in particular that were lighting it up and they got benched ? I recently heard there was only one player from that team that got All Conference , I heard there were 3 or 4 games where the kid didnt score at all and thats all conference? I guess it depends on who you ask ? Good Luck next year! Excellence school would be nice to see them excel in sports maybe change is right around the corner ! Good luck !

  6. I know all those kids played JV ball seems to me none of those parents complained during those years so maybe it was Coaching just a thought ? The JV Coach is awesome they should move him up !

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