Guilford County coaches from Guilford County schools

Was doing a little breakdown this weekend of Guilford County coaches that came from Guilford County schools. Here’s some of what I compiled:

Northwest Guilford:Darlene Joyner-girl’s basketball coach, NWG graduate
Sonny Gann-Baseball coach, NWG graduate
Mike Everett-former boy’s basketball coach, Western Guilford graduate

Southwest Guilford:Reid Holmes-Baseball coach, Western Guilford graduate

Grimsley:Phil Weaver-girl’s basketball coach, Grimsley graduate
Darren Corbett-boy’s basketball coach, Southern Guilford graduate

Page:Robert Kent-boy’s basketball coach, Western Guilford graduate
Rusty Lee-Athletic Director, Northeast Guilford graduate

Smith:Derrick Johnson-Baseball coach, Smith graduate

Dudley:Everett James, Brian Seagraves, Derrick Partee, Kenny Ferguson-all boy’s basketball assistant coaches, Dudley graduates

Southern Guilford:Daryl Brown-Football coach, Southern Guilford graduate

Northern Guilford:Johnny Smith-Baseball coach, Page graduate
Kim Furlough-girl’s basketball coach, Southeast Guilford graduate

Western Guilford:Chris Causey-Football and Baseball coach, Western Guilford graduate

Eastern Guilford:Scott Loosemore-Football coach, Southeast Guilford graduate

Northeast Guilford:Bob Via, Richard Sisk, Wesley Needham-all assistant football coaches, Via/Page, Sisk/Northeast, Needham/Western graduates…..

Southeast Guilford😕
High Point Central😕
High Point Andrews😕
*****That’s all 15 Guilford County Schools and if ? showed up, it means we couldn’t find any Guilford County grads coaching there and if you have some, send them our way.*****
+++++Danny Williamson-Assistant football coach Ragsdale, Ragsdale graduate/add on to our list.+++++

Are there others?