Hoosiers winners twice over the weekend

“Hoosiers”, the movie, was shown twice over the weekend and it was a winner on both occasions. WCWG aired the high school basketball movie on Saturday from 9-11pm and then again on Sunday afternoon in the 2-4pm time slot.

Good call on the part of TV20 WCWG with all the college basketball going on, hoops was on the mind and in the hearts of many viewers. This movie, “Hoosiers”, has become my all-time favorite sports movie, topping “Brian’s Song”, my long-time favorite.

There’s nothing better than seeing Coach Dale pull up in that old car into the parking lot at the Hickory, Indiana High School on that fall day with the leaves blowing across the lawn. When Jimmy finally joins the team you get the feeling that the Hickory Huskers might have a chance to go all the way if they can just make those under-handed free throws like Ollie did to give Hickory the state regional title.

When Shooter(Dennis Hopper) comes on board with the team as the assistant coach, you know that it’s the perfect time to run the “Pickett Fence” play and and be sure to not be caught watching the paint dry on the way by the gate.

Seeing Coach Dale(Gene Hackman) and his “Hoosiers” win it all with the Coach, Ray, Jimmy, Shooter, Ollie and all the other Hickory Huskers is something I could watch every day of the week and twice on Sunday. GO, GO, GO, GO, GO, GO, GO…….

Hoosiers has done it to us again.