High School

Durham, Dimock, Hickernell, and HPW do it again…..

I was telling you back on Saturday that High Point Wesleyan and Michael Dimock were the topps in our area and they went out and HPW won the Dual on the Diamond Tournament over at Winston-Salem’s Ernie Shore Field in a HUGE way.

The stats show that the HPW Trojans out-scored the opposition 44-4 over the three games in three days and that HPW is now (7-0). Wesleyan defeated Mount State Academy from West Virginia, 16-2, in the championship game. The man that we have been claiming to be the best player in our County, Michael Dimock, had another big day and should have been named MVP of the tournament. Dimock was 2-4 with 3RBI’s in the title game.

One of the up-and-coming players that we have discovered, Tyler Hickernell, was the winning pitcher for HPW with 4K’s and Hickernell went 2-3 with a pair of doubles and he scored two runs. The area’s #1 team, HP Wesleyan, topped Tattenall, Virginia, Cave Springs, Virginia, and the team from West Virginia to take the Title. The Trojans are coming on strong and we have done it again by telling you in advance that they would be the team to look out for.