Minor League Baseball team buys Michigan FM and flips it to sports

Loons That’s one way to gain immediate broadcast rights to your games – buy the station.

The Great Lakes Loons, a minor league team based in Midland, Michigan, bought WYLZ-FM (100.9) and will flip the country station to ESPN sports, carrying syndicated fare as well as the Loons’ baseball games. The Last Bastion Trust sold WYLZ to the Loons for $325,000. Citadel Broadcasting, which formerly owned WYLZ, placed it into the Trust due to FCC rules limiting companies to no more than 4 FM stations within a market the size of Saginaw. Citadel currently owns WILZ (104.5), WHNN (96.1), WIOG (102.5), and WKQZ (93.3) in the local market. Both WYLZ and the Loons will be owned by the non-profit Michigan Baseball Foundation and will continue to broadcast from the Citadel studios through 2008 as a part of their deal.

From Radio Info Dot Com – we can only hope that something like that happens here in Greensboro.