Grasshoppers Meet The Players Picnic

Tuesday night, the Greensboro Grasshoppers held their annual Meet The Players Picnic for Advertisers and Season Ticket Holders.

Greensboro Sports' 2008-04-01 photosetGreensboro Sports’ 2008-04-01 photoset

Catering by Ellen it wasn’t. No sign of a grill anywhere as Stephanie Stutts actually got a hamburger that had frost on it. It was still frozen despite the appearance of being cooked. I gave up on coliseum food (they cater the Grasshoppers) after a security staff member knocked a hot dog from my hands, explaining the coliseum’s process of saving food for other events. If you don’t see it touching a grill, there’s a good chance it hasn’t in some time, nor has it reached temperatures necessary to kill bacteria before serving.