Reader shares memories of the Nature Boy

As most of you know who follow professional wrestling, Ric Flair has wrestled his last match and has decided to hang up his fur-lined sequined robe for good.

Over at the forums, regular reader and commenter “Not Jim Melvin” has started a thread asking for folks to share their favorite Flair moments.

Below is one from “Not Jim Melvin”

One evening at the Coliseum, The Nature Boy was in a big match (duh). I can’t remember the opponent, I just remember it was in the 80’s. Ric was knocked out of the ring, on to the cement floor (before they started putting mats around the ring.) Ric, having hit the floor hard, was down and dazed. when he finally started moving, he had to crawl first, and blood was pouring from his forehead, and down his face. “OMG OMG OMG” he kept screaming, clearly in pain. I walked towards the ring with my new Nikon camera, wanting to take a picture. Ric looked up, and started crawling towards me “OMG OMG OMG” I took the picture. Ric realized right after I snapped the photo that he was going the wrong way, and turned around back towards the ring. I then took my ticket stub out, took a blood sample off the coliseum floor. I still have the photo and Ric Flair’s DNA at home.

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