Dodging the light blue bullet

There are some years you just look at and you remember everything about them, good and bad.

For me and most of ABC (Anybody but Carolina) nation , two of those years are 1993 and 2005.

Those are two of the years that UNC-Chapel Hill won the NCAA Basketball title. I was too young in 1982 to be annoyed by bandwagon Tar Heel fans, but those two titles and the year-long aftermath that followed made the already-insufferable UNC-CH fan-base even more insufferable.

Thankfully, we won’t have to live through that again. We won’t have to walk past UNC-CH championship gear in the Wal-Mart or watch Greg Kerr and his fellow local sports hacks gush all over Roy Williams and his band of gutless wonders.

Ted Valentine was not working the Final Four, and therefore could not bail out his beloved Heels. We have been spared.

Glory, glory halleluiah.

4 thoughts on “Dodging the light blue bullet

  1. Amen to that Bruce! I knew we had em licked when Pauley Walnuts showed up for the first time in months earlier in the week. Seems he brought some of that “great” luck from Kenan with him.

    Tyler better come back next year. If not, Tarheel nation’s last memories of him will be his whining after a walk and crying after a turnover. To give him credit, he did give a better inverview than Matt Doherty after the game. Oh where have Swoffy’s officiating crews gone?

  2. Doug, Cecil and I were knee deep in Fair Weather Fans at J. Butlers tonight. At half-time, the place emptied out. Carolina made it close at times; but the folks who were yelling their brains out earlier were gone.

  3. Amen!! Its about time someone showed Carolina where they stack up against true powerhouses. The same thing would have happened if they played memphis. Kansas and and Memphis are the two most athletic most talented teams in the nation, and they are the two teams who deserve to play for the national championship… I really do hate it for Ty though, you kinda have to like someone who plays that hard…

  4. c;mon guys. haven’t you noticed the skies have been gray since the Heels downfall??

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