Guilford gets his new Groove on

Guilford the Grasshopper or Gilley as we like to call him has brand new look at NewBridge Bank Park and he has his Groove back for 2008….Here’s the inside on Guilford and the former Grasshoppers from Justin Stottlemyre Hoppers’s media assistant.

Greensboro, N.C. – Over the winter months, Greensboro’s mascot Guilford got a complete make over and the fresh-looking grasshopper made his debut at NewBridge Bank Park Monday as the Grasshoppers hosted the Hickory Crawdads in their home-opener; Greensboro lost 7-2.

The 2008 season will see Guilford take the lone reigns over mascot duties at the ballpark with GiGi and Timmy finding alternate employment.

Gigi, who unfortunately is allergic to dogs, moved to Grasshoppers Island in Australia and became a local tour guide. Timmy decided to stay local and will be working with students around the Triad as a staff member of the Bryan Family YMCA. Timmy will work with a variety of activities for the YMCA and will still be active throughout the Greensboro area.

“We have a lot of exciting things in store for Guilford this season,” said President and General Manager Donald Moore. “The new look will hopefully make Guilford more fan-friendly and give us an opportunity to make him more visible throughout the community.”

Guilford’s new look is compliments of Raymond Entertainment Group, the same company that created Reggie who will be at the NewBridge Bank Park May 11 when the Grasshoppers take on the Lake County Captains.

Greensboro will play Game 2 of its current four-game series tonight against the Hickory Crawdads at 7 p.m.

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    WOW! Talking about new a improved, We now have a first class mascot to go along with a furst class facility.

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