There’s an uproar down at Southeast again:This time a kid from Randleman tries to kill the Falcon fans

Southeast Guilford defeated Randleman 8-2 on Tuesday to go (14-2/10-0) in the Mid-Piedmont 3-A conference and that’s a good thing, but that’s not the only thing. I heard from at least four Falcons fans last night and they are in an uproar over what else happened at that game.

The third baseman from Randleman was throwing at the Southeast Guilford fans. That is the word I am receiving and I went to to get the kid’s name but there is no roster on MaxPreps for the Randleman Tigers. The word is the kid is a prospect and that he is headed to Clemson but from the news that I am getting about what happened at Tuesday’s game, I am not so sure the attitude fits the molding involved in transforming a Randleman Tiger into a Clemson Tiger.

The kid was asked by his Randleman Tiger coach to enter the game and take over the Tiger pitching duties and he refused. That won’t get you too many opportunities on the Division I level. The big deal was the way the kid got into it with the Southeast Guilford fans. The SEG fans were riding the kid a bit after he refused to pitch but does that in any way explain what happened next?

The kid from Randleman again was playing third and he got together with his first baseman and they made a plan. While the Randleman Tigers were taking infield between innings prior to the SEG Falcons coming to the plate, the Randleman third baseman was throwing the ball over on the warmup tosses to his first baseman and the Tiger 1B was letting the ball go through and the ball ends up hitting Cam Cockman’s dad in the back. Throw wide and your first baseman let’s it go through and you end up hitting the SEG Falcon fan right in the back. Cam Cockman was the SEG Falcons’ starting pitcher yesterday and his dad has a sore spot on his back today.

If that isn’t bad enough, the third baseman did it again and his first baseman let the hard, wide, throw over go straight on through on the warmup toss and the ball hit a 67 year-old man right in the chest. The Tiger teammates are plucking fans standing along the fence just beyond the first base dugout. The son of the 67 year-old man went crazy and he had to be restrained. The umpires called in SEG Falcon coach Lynn Coble and told him to get control of his fans, but the umpires were saying nothing to the kid from Randleman who just hit two SEG fans with the baseball and you’ve heard of an intentional walk, well this was an intentional hit.

The son of the 67 year-old man was told by the umpires to move over to the third base side at Southeast and the 67 year-old man has a large black and blue bruise on his chest today. The SEG fans, and can you blame them, started verbally giving it to the third baseman from Randleman, and again can you blame them? This didn’t faze the kid from Randleman, he grabbed at his crotch and started shaking it at the Southeast Guilford fans, and that’s as best as I can describe how that was going on because I can’t print how it was really told to me.

The kid from Randleman sounds like a cocky character and the SEG fans sound like they need to start wearing big, heavy jackets to the game or invest in some bullet-proof vests. The coach from Randleman couldn’t get a handle on his player and the video may be available to us later in the week so we can break it down and see it all for ourselves.

We will add to this blog throughout the day if we get any more information and if you have any comments and if anyone from Randleman has a rebuttal please leave it in the box.

As for the game and the 8-2 SEG win over Randleman, Cam Cockman struck out 9 Randleman batters and as far as we know he didn’t hit any Randleman players. Justin Venable had 3 hits for SEG and he drove in 2 runs and Josh Tobias collected 2 hits and both hits were clean doubles.

If anyone can get us the name of the Randleman third baseman and if you can pass on more concrete details drop us a line at

I spoke with Ed Bigham, the older gentleman that got hit, and he said the first throw was the most dangerous and that it hit Blair Moyer and that the ball that hit Mr. Bigham was a one-hop pop that did catch him in the chest. Ed Bigham had heart surgery last year and this is a cause for concern when you get hit like he did on solid contact in the chest.

Ed also said he coached baseball for over 40 years and that it took a wild throw at a wild game to get him in the tabloids or blogloids. Ed will be at the SEG-Southern game on Thursday. He will either be the fellow standing behind the tree or the guy wearing the baseball chest protector over beside the fence.


  1. Andy, I am disappointed with you. As the self-proclaimed “best sportswriter around” you sure do like to stir up drama. Were you at the game? Have you seen the video? I wasn’t and don’t know if it happened or not, but at least most “responsible” sports writers, particularly the ones that cover high school sports, will get to the bottom of a story before publishing. This is right up there with the Grimsley-Smith “Basketball Brawl” that didnt even happen and you blew up, and criticizing the kid for leaving Grimsley to go back to Gospel Light before you even had a clue why he made such a move. You made yourself look like an ass in the process. While it is blatantly obvious that you are trying to stir up hits to your site, I hope you realize that you are only alienating the few amount of people that actually visit here. The irresponsible journalism is making the place a joke, and then you have the nerve to proclaim YOURSELF as the “Best Sportwriter in the Area.” Earth to Andy: ANYBODY can start a blog site.
    If a kid was throwing at fans, then shame on him. But as a “sportswriter” and especially as an adult, I would hope that you would refrain from criticizing a KID’S character until you had the whole story and not say in your article how you want to “get to the bottom of it.”

  2. Maybe we will hear from the SEG or Randleman fans that were at the game. I already said I wasn’t at the game and I do like to stir up the pot based on what I am hearing and I trust my sources or I wouldn’t have any.

    You don’t get this type of writing in other places and I admit it’s probably not the best journalism in the world but as far as creativity goes, I feel I can stand with any person in any field in the world. This is informative and entertaining, I think you have to have a mix just like in radio or it gets boring. If the stuff we put out here was on FM TALK Radio no one would be saying a thing.

    If the kid from Randleman did what I heard he did and there are some irate parents down at SEG, then I do question his character, especially the part about shaking his crotch(for the lack of better wording) at the SEG fans.

    At the Grimsley-Smith game Avery Hardy and Carter Gourley were ready to go at it and there were players stepping on each other which is not to far off from stomping plus punches being thrown and they did have to bring Police(SRO uniformed officers on to the floor) and AD Leiws Newman and the principal Kevin Fleming(I hope I got that name right, apologies if not) over to the scorer’s table. That could have turned into a bad situation and the Smith players were still simmering when they were told to go their locker room after the game…….

    I try to be fair and balanced and sometimes I fail and I will just try to get up off of the mat and keep on going somewhere.

    Jim Valvano said don’t ever give up, don’t ever quit trying, and I won’t give up.

    Many people say I remind them of Jim Valvano and I will try and carry on in his absence.

  3. This incident at SEG is very real! I beleive that this young man ( I will not mention his name) owes the fans at SEG an apology. There were small kids at that game – and his obscene gestures were both crude and uncalled for.
    If he had a “point” to make, he should have let the coach make it for him…. or better yet, let his game do it for him.

  4. maybe the SEG coach should talk to his fans(adult,parents)and ask them NOT to act like taunting little children,it is a shame that grown-ups would verbally abuse a teenager

  5. I do believe the Randleman coach asked the player to go in without warming up or anything… do believe thats bad for the player, please correct me if I’m wrong; although I don’t believe I am. This headline is down right wrong, if the player from Randleman wanted to kill someone throwing a ball at them wouldn’t be the way. I agree that the behaviors were wrong but I also agree that the SEG parents should keep their mouths closed and nothing like that would be said, am I correct? There is no reason for any parent to degrade a child like that no matter who the child is or how old they may be.

  6. Andy I think you know the kids name but were to coward to say it and just wanted to someone to say it for you. It is the same kid that beat your beloved Grimsley team with his homerun and his pitching.


    That’s what I call your blog. It is also a venue for the Grimsley coach to let the world know how good a coach he is. But I got news for you, better yet let us stir the pot. Ash is the worst thing NC has going for High School baseball.

    “A business” that is exactly what he has turned Grimsley baseball into. Try talking to the parents and players of that team. They are fed up with his coaching style. He constantly degrades his players in front of all the fans instead of coaching. He does not develope the players in his zone. Rumor has it the kid he said “imerged” in the absence of the Gospel Light kid is another one of his recruits. Oh, and if you don’t take lessons at his place of business you can forget about playing at Grimsley.

    Just ask around that team is in turmoil. I really don’t have to tell you how much of an idiot he is, just look at the comments he made about your stupid post on the Gospel Light kid. Or better yet go watch him coach.

    My son would never play for him even if he was the last coach standing in NC. We would leave the state.

    Your post was not about the kid that tranfered or the talent level of Christian Schools, your goal was just to promote Grimsley Baseball.

    I just hope the Grimsley AD is reading this crap and open his eyes and get rid of that head coach and his assistant. If they want to coach in the majors “which is a business” let them go look for a job and take you as the announcer.

    “Newman turn that program over to the pitching coach he is the only coach on that staff who cares about the kids!!!!!!!!!!”

  7. I never knew the name of the kid from Randleman and that’s why I didn’t print it. I had least at four people give me a name of a kid but they weren’t sure about it and therefore no name was printed.

    The piece isn’t about Grimsley baseball it is about Southeast Guilford and Randleman and they can stir up quite a bit of commotion on their own.

    I have the utmost respect for all of our local coaches in all of the sports but you are right about one thing, Grimsley does draw radio ratings and Grimsley vs. Page is a guaranteed winner no matter what sport you are talking about and I’m sure that even Lacrosse between those two would draw an audience.

    Grimsley draws ratings and you have to get some numbers or the product won’t get the coverage it needs for the sponsors.

    Alan is straight forward and he speaks his mind and I tend to like that approach and feel the listeners do too.

    The Grimsley players seem to fear Alan early in the season based on what he has told us in the past but as the year progresses and they buy into what he is teaching and how he goes about the business at hand and if the team experiences success then I would say the kids are on board with what is going on with the program.

    The record will speak for itself with (11-5/4-2) and last season’s Metro 4-A conference tournament title. Maybe I am naive but I say a former Whirlie like Clint Moore is glad to be at Army and the Whirlies on this year’s team have a bright future too. Gabe Dimock is prospect, George Carter has a solid path ahead of him, DJ Russ is going to do some big things, Lashawn Brown can choose his sport, Cal Sutphin is a hidden talent that nobody is talking about but us.

    This is not about Alan it is about the kids and my goal is to get them coverage, Grimsley or any other school. I almost live with the Dudley Panthers and the Greensboro Day School Bengals during basketball season because they get hot and they are the schools that will be there in the end and you can hear the radio coverage out their way and Norhtern Guilford got loads of coverage in hoops because they are a new school and Eastern Guilford got more coverage this year because they hardly ever get any.

    I have known Alan Ashkinazy since 1987 and I enjoy watching his teams and watching him coach and Grimsley just so happens to be close to where I work out of so I can save on some gas too.

    I may be dead wrong but it looks like Grimsley and Southeast Guilford have the best chance right now among our local teams(Guilford County) to do some things in the post-season and we have followed both of them closely on the radio this season and you can pick up the station at the schools. Plus the sponsors have jumped on board strongly for those two neighborhoods/communities.

    We try to do a good job for all and that’s about all I can tell you. If more sponsors step up and say I want so and so school on the radio then I can jump too. Most of the work here is predicated on what is happening on the radio with HS football, HS hoops, and HS baseball which is our newest venture along with Greensboro Grasshoppers baseball which runs throughout the summer.

    The web site has just become an outreach of the radio and it serves to like a written talk show since we do not now have one on the radio. Alan Ashe was always a great radio guest because the guy can talk and he knows what he is talking about.

    Maybe we all are crazy for talking all of this sports stuff, but again only time will tell and I’m not ready to leave the game yet. I have 25% of the audience in my corner and 75% is knocking at the door wanting to get in. Once they get in who knows what will happen.

    If the web blog was all about just pure smack talk we would just do pro wrestling but there is not enough going on there to keep people tuned in.

    Thanks for the ear or vine or limb or whatever…..And stay with us the ride might get bumpy, but at least it’s FREE.

  8. Some disgruntled parents will find ANY way possible to vent thier frustrations. William has been just waiting and waiting for a chance to pounce on anything that he could put his 1 1/2 cents worth in….. obviously, he thinks because his kid isn’t playing, it is all Ash’s fault! Oh yea, that’s right…… it’s because his son doesn’t take lessons!
    GIVE ME A BREAK! Oh yea, by the way.. when you sit around with other parents who’s kids are not playing, stirring up trouble, and complaining, complaining, complaining……….. it would appear like everything is in “turmoil” – Go sit with some of the other kids parents for a game or two, maybe the turmoil is within?
    Hey Ash………….. I think your Great~! Can’t imagine what this William guy would have thought about you ,say about 8- 10 years ago…. you’re tame now!! My kid thinks you are tops!!! You’ve played a big role in what has made him successful in this game!

  9. I’m a part of the Grimsley varsity baseball team. I do not take lessons at the Greensboro Batting Center. This is my first year playing for Coach Ash. I do get a fair amount of playing time. I don’t fear my coach at all, but have the utmost respect. There are many good high school baseball coaches. In my opinion, Coach Ash is the best and most knowledgeable coach in the state. He is a great motivator and leader who sets bar so high it is sometimes hard to reach. But, I think, it is better to strive and not reach than to never try. My family chose for me to attend Grimsley for two reasons:
    1. Grimsley is one of the top 100 public high schools in the nation.
    2. Alan Ashkinazy

    P.S. I’m sure Mr. Durham isn’t always right, but you have to admit that guy has marbles.

  10. Why is william so interested in getting coach Ash fired?If he hates Grimsley that much, seems like he would love for them to have the worst coach in the state.Also, just curious, what team does billy’s boy play, or sit for?Sounds like little billy may be an “imerging” pitcher since he wants the pitching coach to take over before they transfer to Grimsley.

  11. he may hit his spot but he is afraid to pitch??? NEXT TIME HE STEPS TO THE PLATE MAYBE SOMEONE WILL HIT THEIRSPOT! where it deserves to be thrown!

  12. Sounds to me the kids pretty smart for not taking the mound without being able to warm up on a cold night. Looks to me like the kid wasn’t afraid to pitch just smarter then the coach. Why would any coach put any kid in that spot? Knowing that they are not loosen up and ask them to pitch.
    By the way, why would the PG god all mightys/ SEG fans be on the 1st base dugout side when the SEG team sits in the 3rd base dugout? You stand that close to the ball field you need to pay attention to flying balls at all times.

  13. i dont believe the third baseman was trying to hit anybody on the throws b/c the second throw hit the ground in front of first base and the first baseman looked like he lost it in the lights.

    i remember back when i played it was easier to hit somebody w/o the ball hitting the ground first but what do i know

  14. This kid has asked not to pitch against SEG before… i remember last year when i heard from a player that he wanted to come out because he was getting shelled. and if this kid is as good as you think he is he shouldnt be able to throw 2 balls 5 feet over the first basemens head!….. The SEG fans have always stayed on that side, ALWAYS! There is no room on the other side due to the batting cage.

  15. HERE IS THE POINT: everyone seems to be missing the real issue here! The 3rd baseman made lewd, insulting andPERVERTED gestures for ALL the world to see! There is NO excuse for that!! You can sit there and make excuses all you want for his throwing the ball at the fans, why he didn’t want to pitch, etc. FACT IS, his actions were disgraceful! He needs to apologize not only to SEG but also to his own team! I hope his coach took care of the problem. It is VERY Disturbing to think that this “kid” could do something at this level of ball and not be repremanded for it. – Seems to me that he hasn’t learned his lesson after being suspended for cursing at the ump! Grow up young man, or you can kiss your chances for future ball goodbye!

  16. Do you mean the same type repremand the kids got from SEG during the 07 playoffs when they were caught drinking/ driving after a playoff baseball game. What repremand did they receive…….. thats right NOTHING…….. and by the way from what i hear the coach is on top of the situation. Everybody needs to be cool it will be OK… They are kids

  17. If anyone thinks this kid can play ACC/SEC baseball and not get heckled by fans, they are living in a dream world. You can not control other peoples actions, only your own. The only one who is responsible for the third baseman grabbing his crock is himself. No one grabbed his hand and squeezed it for him. Nor did anyone else cause him to overthrow 2 balls and cause potential harm to other human beings. Teaching young adults to take responsiblity for their own actions is being overlooked in this situation by those writing in as they are blaming everyone else. This is probably why the third baseman thinks he can get by with such behavior. He knows those who should be teaching him right from wrong will blame others and not make him take responsibility for HIS BAD decisions on the field, while representing himself, his family, his team and his school. A 17 year old who is good enough to go to Clemson or any division 1 school MUST act responsibly on and off the field as his whole future is at stake. And by the way, I am sure that if he does not already know what happened, the Clemson coach and MANY other college and MLB scouts will hear about it very soon as college coaches and MLB scouts have a VERY tight network and news travels fast. The third baseman should have acted responsibly even if the SEG parents/fans were showing their immaturity. There are people out there who are so envious of others that they will do anything they can to bring them down. This is exactly what happened with the third baseman. Some jealous parents/fans wish their own child had the talent this third baseman has so they tried to rattle him and it worked. He will still be 17 or 18 when he goes to college, so YES, a 17 year old kid WILL have to put up with the fans whether they are cheering or heckling him. The 17 year old young man has to be the bigger more mature person to succeed. And why is no one calling out BOTH coaches and the umpires for not putting a stop to the madness before it got to this point. I hope someone who is in a position of authority has the guts to make this young man accept responsiblity for what he did in a Tiger uniform and is more concerned with building his character than increasing the numbers in their win column.

    TO WILLIAM, WHAT DOES THIS HAVE TO DO WITH ALAN ASH? You are an idiot the bring your personal problems into this. You are probably a parent who thinks your kid is better than he is and Alan just told you the truth which you can not handle. We all know Alan is a Yankee(not a Yankee fan) and tells you straight up what he thinks about any situation. Which is more than you can say as you have to come on a blog to air you opinions instead of having the balls to talk to Alan face to face! My kids have been part of GBC for years and the fundamentals Alan and his crew teach are by far the best you can get around here. We do not currently play for any of Alan’s GBC teams or Grimsley, but I know from his instructions, my kids can go ANYWHERE and make ANY team they tryout for. It has happened over and over. THANK YOU ALAN FOR YOUR PASSION FOR BASEBALL. BUT MORE IMPORTANTLY FOR YOUR PASSION FOR THE KIDS WHO ARE ASSOCIATED WITH YOU. YOU MUST BE DOING A GOOD JOB AS THOSE WHO ARE SUCCESSFUL USUALLY GET THE MOST ENVY/CRITICISM FROM PEOPLE WHO ARE NOT.

  18. Drinking, you are grasping at staws……. 2 very different scenarios- I suppose since you have absolutely NO DEFENSE for this young mans behavior (makeing such obsene gestures -ON THE FIELD- in front of Everyone-) you have to try and bring up the past, something of which has NO BEARING on this situation.
    Trying to take the spot light off this kid! IT won’t work.
    Yes, these are “kids” and yes,kids will make mistakes…. point is, he needs to step up and take responsibility for his actions. He owes an apology to all those he insulted! That alone will make everyone “cool” down and only then, will be ok!

  19. I thought long and hard before I decided to write anything on here. I have never written on a blog or message board before. I think they are hilarious. You get to hide behind a nickname, a funny saying, or even your first or last name. (I will reveal who I am at the end of my rant) You get to bring up rumors, make false accusations about people, and you get to make a complete ASS of YOURSELF like “William” has done. First of all “William”, I put your name in quotes because you are hiding behind it. What you wrote in your reply is 100% garbage. The blog is about Southeast and Randleman, not Alan Ashkinazy. None of the statements you said were even close to being the truth.
    Let me start with your first statement about Daniel Tuttle. Yes he did hit a HR against Grimsley and did pitch, but he did not win the game by himself. He is a great player but not a difference maker. Why is he not playing at Southwest Randolph?
    Please tell me which site or message board Alan Ashkinazy has gotten on and talked about how good a coach he is. The answer is none of them. He does not have to. He players, his former players, and parents do the talking for him. And if he is the worst thing NC has going for HS baseball, why do so many coaches throughout the state call or email to schedule games against him. And why do so many kids from Hickory to Wilmington come to his place of business to get instruction and advice on their game. The answer, he is very good at what he does.
    On to his coaching style. Is it different from alot of coaches, yes. Is it effective, yes. Does it hurt people’s feelings, sometimes. Do the parents and players have to put up with it, NO. Do they, no player has quit his team in the years he has been the Grimsley coach. Since he has been at Grimsley he has had 17 seniors and all of them have graduated and 8 have go on to play at the college level.
    Your statement “Oh, and if you don’t take lessons at his place of business you can forget about playing at Grimsley”, is totally asinine! Of the 19 players on the varsity roster, 9 have taken lessons at his business. If you are a true baseball player you want to get better. As a coach you should want players to work at their game, whether it is at the Baseball Academy, Proehlic Park, Greensboro Batting Center, or on your own in the backyard.
    As I end my first reply attempt I ask you “William” are you a frustrated parent whose kid is not playing, or are you a player who is not playing and mad you are sitting the bench. What ever the case, if you have a problem with someone talk to the them face to face not on a message board, you might get somewhere that way.
    Now on to who I am. My name is Jamey Dunlap and I work at the Greensboro Batting Center. I know most of the kids whose names appear on this site and many of their parents. So I have first hand knowledge about the support and respect Alan has in the community and in the state. You may think that I am getting paid to do this. Well you are right, I am getting paid because I am doing this at work but my boss has no idea that I am because he is not here. Alan is not only my boss, he is one of my best friends. He was even in my wedding along with the rest of our team that won the 13u National Championship in Sarasota, FL. I have know him since 2002. My step-son (Logan Snider) played three years with Alan as his coach. Did Logan play all the time? No, far from it, but he did play and got alot better as a player. He also learned a tremendous amount about the game of baseball and life. Logan received his far share of Alan’s “coaching style” but it made him the player he became.
    In conclusion, RELAX! Alan is not out to get anyone or hurt anyone. He will not make everyone happy, nobody does. But do not ever question his caring about his players. He will be the first one in line to defend one of his players or friends!

  20. “William”, I forgot to mention a couple of other things. First, Alan was selected to be a coach for Region 5 of the North Carolina State Games. Some coaches out there must like him! Second, he has a successful business of 21 years. There again he must be doing something right. And lastly, instead of a parent or player you could be a jealous coach whose team can’t seem to find away to beat Alan’s team.

  21. I am not really sure why I am writing on this, but I was told about the situation that happened in the Southeast Guilford/ Randleman game by someone that I trust without failure. So I have no doubt as to how things came to occur. The one question that I have is “What kind of Coach lets his players make the game decisions for him?” When I played in Greensboro, we competed as hard as we could to beat our opponents, but at the same time we respected the game. The game of baseball has taught me a life’s worth of lessons, not all of them good, but , to this day I use one of those lessons on a daily basis. What did this game teach to these players, “Guys, defy your coach, make a stupid decision with one of your teammates, and their will be no consequences”. Who is running the show out here? Coaches that I played for would never have stood for me or one of my teammates telling him that we were not going to do what he asked of us. First of all, we re not raised that way. Second, I never played for a coach who would have put up with that. Players Play and Coaches make the decisions. If it does not work that way then why do we need coaches?
    Like I said, I was not at the game, I have not lived in Greensboro in over 17 years. But I know this, the caoches that were there in my day would never have put up with this. Coach Slayton (Eastern Guilford), Coach Hankins (Ragsdale), Coach Mizell (Ragsdale), Coach Wagstaff ( Southeast Guilford) jsut to name a few. Heck, some of the younger coaches like Shumate (NC A&T), yep, played for him too, would not stand for this type of behavior. The situation at this game never occurs if the coach has the intestinal fortitude to sit his best player on the bench next to him. Maybe, these are the lessons that this young man needs. I bet he does not tell Jack Leggett (Clemson coach, for those of you who do not know) that he will not take the mound when given the ball. And that is another thing, what kind of pitcher does not want the ball when given the oppurtunity? Gotta think about that one.
    Like I said earlier, not relly sure why I am typing this, except for the fact that I have a personal interest in the fellow that got hit. You see, the man that was hit by the second thrown ball was my father, Edd Bigham. My name is Wade Bigham.

  22. Andy have you lost your mind or have you never had one to begin with. First, you claimto be the “best sportwriter around”. Now, you claim that people say you remind them of Jim Valvano. As you said you like to stir things up. I think while stir you slipped in it and landed face first. If you do not start taking care of you words. You may find yourself on the receiving of a few fastballs to the head.

  23. Ridiculous on all levels. All of these tangents about Grimsley Baseball and Coach Ash’s influence on the young men of not only Grimsley Baseball but hundreds of other kids who he has helped through out the years. The issue is about the punk at Randleman, HIS FATHER NEEDS TO BEAT HIM LIKE A DOG. And if his father isn’t in the picture then his mother needs to punish him. This is absolutley ridiculous. The last major league player to ever interact with the fans was the pathetic man that was John Rocker. He alone should be proof of how disgusting it looks when you do something like that but to take it to the level that this randleman boy did is the ultimate sign of weakness. If that kids actually cared about baseball, and I assume a future Clemson Tiger would have to, then he would know its a game that stays within itself. There are no politics or outside influences such as heckling fans. They may heckle, but thats all they do so get over it. To all of the people who tried to justify this clowns actions, grow up you are pathetic.

  24. Sorry to see whats happening around here Andy, but that’s what happens when you climb down in the gutter. I know it’s all about site hits, and controversy sells and stirring the pot gets people talking.


    when the pot stirring and “stuff you won’t read anywhere else” leads to people excusing adults for “ragging a kid” and people excusing the kid for throwing balls into the crowd, and people attacking a coach ( that had no connection whatsoever to this incident” and worst of all someone saying “HIS FATHER NEEDS TO BEAT HIM LIKE A DOG”, well that’s when it has gone too far.

    This has been a good site, and you do a lot of good for sports in the Greensboro area, but it doesn’t take much bad to outweigh most of the good. If this is really what you want this site to turn into then that’s a shame. It’ll hurt the place in the long run. I’ll still read from time to time but you won’t get much more participation from me.

  25. ok so thing is ive played for al for years and he has never recruited any players..he’s a great coach and all the players love him. whoever william is can just meet us up at the batting center and talk face to love to have a one on one heart to heart with u..ur probly mad at the fact that some of your players left your school to play for a better coach..grimsley baseball is doin great this year..maybe u should try using some of al’s coaching techniques..u might start winning games

  26. You people are stupid…All of you people are quick to judge some other kid’s stupid decisions when your kids are probably just as bad, which I’m sure you just don’t know about…Granted, not all parents would be okay with their son grabbing his crotch and rightfully so, but this was something that has been alleged that the Randleman kid had done, but seriously, you are talking about a high school kid…What kid wouldn’t be bothered by heckling fans?..If I had heckling fans that wouldn’t shut up then I’d thrown over the first baseman’s head too and tried to take out as many arses that were over there talking junk…”Well, if he is going to Clemson then he’d better be prepared to handle heckling”, which is a comment that someone said…Maybe its true, but we all have done some stupid things in our high school years that we aren’t always proud of…The parents of the boy should be ashamed and the parents from SEG should be ashamed for opening their mouths to him in the first place…In my opinion, they were asking for such actions from a 17 year old who may not make a sound decision every now and then…I don’t know the kid and maybe he’s a bad boy…Who cares?..The fans should have shut up…Well, what if he had hurt a child if the ball had hit one of them?..Well, then one parent from SEG should have been man or woman enough to shut their own fans up for talking junk to a high school kid…Wade, I feel bad that your dad Edd got hit with a ball, but you should have been man enough to shut your side of the field up…Do you get your kicks from talking junk to a 17 year old?..How obnoxious you must feel when you almost get kicked out of high school baseball game as a fan…Run your mouth and pay the price…If the parents want to talk their crap then do it to someone other than a 17 year old…Get over yourselves when you talk about how kids act…Your kids probably do crap that you don’t know about, and I’m sure you will find out soon enough…Don’t throw stones at glass houses, nor throw stones unless one of you are perfect…

    For the people that hate what Andy has done on this site then don’t come back…Its fun to sit here and talk crap…I mean, where else can you go and talk about another person’s child and get away with it?..Do you have anything else better to do than to think your kids are perfect and get relief when you think you are the greatest parent in the world who would never allow their kid to do such a thing?..Get over yourself…Where else can you go and say SEG fans are stupid if they have nothing else better to do than to go to a high school game and talk junk about a high school player?..And Mark, no one cares if you don’t like the site…I mean you are just one person in Greensboro out of thousands who will end up enjoying an actual blog…Go back to reading your local paper and sipping on your cup of tea…

    As far as the coaching decision…I don’t know of any coach who would have allowed a high school player to make the decision for him…If the Randleman coach had allowed this kid to make the decision then the AD from Randleman should be searching for a new coach…If I had made plans to make a personnel change then the player would have done it or take a seat…I have yet to see or know a coach who would allow a player to make their decisions for them…Maybe this is the first time…Again, this is an allegation, so I’m not totally convinced that the kid actually told the coach that he wasn’t going to pitch…And what the heck doesn Alan have to do with this story?..He could be God of baseball and have never had a losing record as a coach, but what does he have to do with this story…Look, Bill Gates said it best…Let your kids learn how to accept failure…Don’t go criticizing a coach from Grimsley when he had nothing do with this story…Everyone needs to stay on topic or create another one on how much you think Alan sucks as a baseball coach…Of course, I do believe that if you think Alan sucks then it must be because your kids aren’t good enough; therefore, assume some responsibility that you were just too lazy to throw ball with your son when you should have been outside instead of inside watching reruns of “Married w/ Children”…So, if you really have a big problem with Alan and don’t want your kid spitting sun flower seeds in the dugout then have him either quit the game of baseball or learn to be a team player and know his role…

    Wow, what a relief…I feel like a fan from SEG now…

  27. This is great stuff… At first the “wild throw” was suppose to have hit Cam Cockman’s dad in the back: now it really hit Blair Moyer…. Now we are told the 2nd ball that hit Mr Bigham was a one hopper and not a straight through throw as we were told…. (By the way i hope Mr Bigham is OK)….. Can’t wait to hear what the next story may be…. Everyone here needs to get a life and listen to what “you people are stupid said” in his post above…. Andy maybe your sources aren’t as good has what you first thought they were.

  28. We want to continue to keep getting input. We want people’s opiniions on what happened during that game down at Southeast. I have heard from those that say Mr. Cockman got hit and that it wasn’t Moyer but I still haven’t heard as far as I can tell from anyone in the Randleman camp. Who is this kid, Daniel Tuttle, and what is his background and is he being rrecruited by Clemson?

    I spoke t a gentleman at my church today and he said it was a wild week at SEG during the previous seven days with the Randleman game and the 27-0 ball game at Southern Guilford.

  29. Andy: It amazes me that it’s been a week and you still haven’t gotten Randleman’s side to the story. Actually, it doesn’t amaze me at all. Par for the course.

  30. The Randleman fans are welcome to weigh in here but so far, no response from Randleman. We have also been able to steer clear of any profanity and I want to take time to thank all of those who have weighed in here, for that approach.

    I have heard from the Bighams who were at the game on the SEG side and they are taking it in stride but I would warn the fans not to make Wade mad. Wade is a tough cookie and I wouldn’t want to be messing with that guy.

    On other fronts I have heard fron the Joneses and I have worked to make sure that they understand where I am coming from and I’m not exactly where I am going but I will carry on. The Joneses deserve more respect from me on the spiritual decisions relating to their school of choice and that is done deal.

    I am trying to keep up with all parties on all fronts but there’s no way everyone will come out of the game with a smile on their face so we will carry on and move on to the next issue and that is today’s home page…….AD

  31. Andy said, “but I would warn the fans not to make Wade mad. Wade is a tough cookie and I wouldn’t want to be messing with that guy.” My reply is that I didn’t know that I had to be a master black belt to leave a post…Should I start my training soon?..I’m a little nervous now about Wade jumping out at me through my computer screen…Come on Andy…Why say things like that?..That doesn’t make sense…

  32. This is great. My first time to reply to a blog and I get my name mentioned about three times. How long will it last? Let’s just hope that everyone who was involved at this game has learned a little bit about respecting the integrity of the game. Baseball is a great game and can teach our young people alot. But we have to remember that it is just a game. Treat it with respect and it will pay dividends. There is a right way to behave, both on and off of the field.

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