The Spring Sports Report rolls on for a Thursday

With all the comments we have been receiving during the past week, I believe there is something to be learned in all of what is being said. Coach Danny Shutt had some very positive things to share in the comment box today and he was speaking on what high schools kids attend, versus what college they end up in.

Coach Shutt said the most important thing is get the proper exposure and to let the coaches know who you are and what you can do. You can do this by attending showcases and camps where the college coaches go to see potential talent. If you have talent and you are playing for Caldwell Academy then Coach Shutt’s point is you better get to the showcases and get on the web sites and have legitimate video so these coaches can find out what you can really do in there with upper level competition. You won’t be able to sell your talents on what you did in a game with Caldwell Academy vs. The Guilford Home Schoolers.

These showcases come from Impact Baseball and they have them in the summer up in Boone, over in High Point at HPU, down in Greenville at ECU, and at other places throughout the Carolinas. These showcases are going on all of the time, everywhere. Impact Baseball, The Baseball Factory/Baseball America, there are many different choices for the active and interested player. The Baseball Factory has a facility up in Maryland and they do week-long showcase/camps down in Florida. This is the route to go, people have to find out about you.

The showcases are in some ways like playing AAU basketball or AAU baseball but you aren’t traveling around the country with a team. Like I was saying, the comments coming out of our recent baseball discussions are not all bad, there has been some positive development on the home front. I have made plans to attend a game over in Winston-Salem at the Ernie Shore Field and that should shed some more light on our subjects.

If you have any insight, positive or negative on these showcases, then share them with us here at the site and if you attend or work at Caldwell Academy or are a part of the Guilford Home Schoolers, do you guys even have a baseball team? Not cracking on you, just asking???

As for Wednesday, the News and Record had maybe three games listed but I didn’t see any results on anything they had printed as going on yesterday. A Dudley Panther final has showed up from earlier in the week and the Panthers topped Bartlett Yancey 3-1 behind the strong pitching of Tevin Neal and Neal’s hitting helped the Panthers too. Dudley seems to be having a good year, they won the Easter tournament over at Grimsley and they are in the thick of things in the Triad 3-A conference.

SWG and WG were supposed to be playing yesterday and I was thinking about driving out to SWG but I haven’t seen any results on that game. Mount Tabor and Northwest Guilford were set to do battle on Wednesday but nothing on that one either. Also Eastern Guilford was set to be facing Western Alamance. If anyone has anything on these games please send it our way. In one game that I failed to put up on the board yesterday, Randleman beat the Southeast Guilford JV’s 3-1 on Tuesday and that score unfortunately got lost in all of the other hoopla that has been going on down there.

Today on tap here is what I have so far based on schedules given to me at the first of the season:
Southeast Guilford(14-2) at Southern Guilford(6-11) ***Austin Moyer vs. Jake Ozment?***
WS Carver at Dudley
Eastern Randolph at (11-5)Grimsley(Endowment Game)
*****If our numbers tracking system is correct, SEG at SG 6pm, home games at Dudley and Grimsley will start at 7pm.*****

I was told by a fan this morning that it is supposed to be Northern Guilford vs. Reidsville today, but there have had to be many alterations in the NG schedule because of the weather. Hopefully Justin Smith will log on and get this straight for NG, on today and tomorrow’s games.

We have been pushing all of the teams here throughout the season and talking about who is the best school and the best player and we really don’t have to go to far outside the county lines to find who appears to be the best player as of April 17, 2008. Ryan Dull is (9-0) for East Forsyth and his team is (14-3 overall/6-0 conference). Dull is getting the job done and we have not completely overlooked him but you have to hand it to this kid, and his coach does almost every day, Dull is “The Man”. What else will he do? Can he go unbeaten? Up to this point the schedule and the weather have favored his chances. Are there any other readers out there that feel the same way we do, that Dull is really bringing it and coming on strong. Will East Forsyth go through the Metro 4-A conference unbeaten and will EF win the conference tournament this season? There are a lot of questions left to be answered and you still have to admit one thing, Dull is on a roll….

There are others out there who might just say I am crazy, and to that I would say:

You may be right, I may be crazy, but it just might be a lunatic you’re loking for. Turn out the lights, don’t try and save me. I may be wrong, but for all you know I may right. I may be wrong, but I may right. I may be wrong, but I may right……Mr. Joel on a roll today…..