Former Freebird set FREE without pay for 60 days…

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There’s no doubt that using the n-word is stupid — but allegedly using the n-word in front of a guy that’s over six-feet-tall, weighs nearly 400 pounds and calls himself “The World’s Strongest Man” is beyond idiotic. Enter WWE writer Michael Hayes. TMZ has confirmed that Hayes, the head writer for WWE’s “Smackdown,” has been suspended for 60 days — allegedly for using racist language in front of wrestler Mark Henry. Michael’s haymaker was supposedly thrown while out drinking at a party during the weekend of Wrestlemania, where reports say Hayes told Henry, “I’m more of a n—– than you are.”

A rep for the WWE released this statement: “Due to inappropriate behavior, Michael Hayes was suspended for 60 days with no pay. In order to return to work, Michael Hayes will be required to undergo further evaluation.”

*****Michael Hayes former Freebird with Terry “Bam Bam” Gordy, Buddy “Jack” Roberts, and then later with Jimmy “Jam” Garvin. Michael Hayes who is really Michael Seitz. Michael “P.S.”(Purely Sexy) Hayes. Michael Hayes who was once Dok Hendrix…. Michael Hayes the same guy who had had his hair(Mullet) chopped off by fellow-WWE wrestlers while they were drunk on a plane flight back from overseas, returning from a wrestling tour. Michael Hayes has messed up again, where is Bruce Mitchell or Cham Pain when you need them?*****