Comment Corner on Carmine continues

We continue to receive names and comments from those who said Carmine Pagano made a difference at Carolina Acceleration. Here’s just a few of the new ones:

Longtime reader of Greensboro Sports…always enjoy it….

Anyway, wanted to let you know that my son, Brian Smith, went through Carmine’s program as well and was very beneficial to him…he played 2 years at Grimsley (2006 n 2007) on defensive line…the program added strength, speed, and agility to him..was most beneficial…strongly recommend it to our local athletes… Just wanted to pass that along….

Thanks for the local sports…

Ron said,
Add Keith Lee(Morgan State), Dominique Midgett(Wake Forest), Mike Benton(Catawba), Chris Everret(Western Carolina), Kennedy Tinsley(UNC) Chedrick Marshall(WSSU) Tevin Williams (DHS) Kelton Shepherd(DHS) Chris Neal(DHS) Darius(for got last name DE @DHS) Micah Gaylord (DHS) Kevin Littlejohn(DHS) you see the pattern? More to follow

Tony said,
add to list of players who workout with Carmine:

Cal Sutphin, Gabe Dimock, Pat Oeschli, Kevin Sanders, Connor Scarborough, Ben Fultz, Brock Hudgens

Red Sox said, add:

Jon Wilkinson

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