It’s the Realla Thing:DUI for Santino in Florida…

from and James Caldwell:

WWE Raw star Santino Marella was charged with Driving Under the Influence in Tampa, Fla. early this morning, according to Hillsborough County police records.

Santino, real name Anthony Carelli, was arrested at 2:57 a.m. this morning at 6301 West Shore Boulevard with a blood alcohol level of 0.061, which was below the legal limit in Florida of 0.08.

Santino was booked in Hillsborough County jail at 4:36 a.m. on $500 bail. The arrest record indicates WWE as the name of his employer, which gets into the issue of Santino as an independent contractor and not an actual employee of WWE.
UPDATE: Santino was released from jail at 11:35 a.m. EST this morning after the $500 bail was posted.

+++++Interesting numbers the 0.061 vs. the Florida limit of 0.08.+++++

Sidebar:As first reported by Wrestling News World, when Santino was hauled to the Hillsborough County jail, his BAC was under the .08 legal limit — .061 and .062. But, he took the test nearly two hours after being arrested so he can still be prosecuted.