What is the EDGE?

Don Moore put up the recent poll asking the question, “Have we gone over the EDGE”?

Have we gone too far with some blogs/posts/stories/articles????? Is the EDGE moving and do we need to move with the times?

These are valid questions and with our approach, our 7 day numbers or should we say our 24/7 numbers are growing. We do try and keep a bit of an EDGE going on here but not without continuing to put out a ton of positive material.

We are doing good things and we are trying to do a lot of things and what I really like is feedback and that seems to come in larger numbers when we hit the hot buttons.

Tell a friend about this site and try to continue checking in here every day and if you have a topic that you would like to see covered, let us know or write something yourself and E-mail it to durhamandy@live.com. Sometimes if you don’t have the answers then you have to seek out the info from the readers and if we ask questions that have broad holes, then you the reader can fill them in.

What is the EDGE? Who knows, but I do know that Edge in the WWE is Adam Copeland……

Tell us what you think the EDGE is and have we crossed it and do we need to come back or should we keep going and do we need to step it up and go on WAAAAAAY beyond the EDGE?????