Rumblings on Roger and Ragsdale

Roger Clemens has been a busy man lately and looks like he was busy trying to pick up Ed(“Brutus the Barber Beefcake”) Leslie’s future wife back in 1990 up around Boston, Mass.

Here’s the inside scoop from the Boston Hearld and

The wife of retired pro-wrestler “Brutus ‘The Barber’ Beefcake” claims accused baseball bad boy Roger Clemens made a pass at her 18 years ago, but the married Red Sox [team stats] ace never reached first base.

Barbara Leslie, 43, of Winchester – then a comely waitress at the celeb-magnet Palace nightclub in Saugus – claims that in her brush with the Rocket, he said, “ ‘What would you do if I tried to kiss you?’ ” and she replied, “ ‘What would your wife say if you tried to kiss me? ”

Clemens’ Houston attorney Rusty Hardin did not respond to a request for comment on this latest accusation of extramarital shenanigans by the seven-time Cy Young Award-winning pitcher, who’s also under investigation by the FBI for steroid abuse.

Leslie, who hadn’t yet met her husband of 15 years, Edward Leslie, was fetching drinks in lifeguard shorts and a tank top at the Palace when, she says, Clemens happened by with a pal in 1990.

“People were going, ‘Roger Clemens is here, Roger Clemens is here!’ ” she said. “Being a big sports personality in Boston, all the waitresses wanted to wait on him. He definitely didn’t act like a man who was married, though.”

Leslie said Clemens had been in the club about an hour and she admits to flirting with him until he allegedly followed her into a dressing room off-limits to the public, leaned into her and made the clumsy, rebuffed overture.

“Back then, it was a compliment to have someone like Roger Clemens think you’re pretty, and I’m a huge Red Sox fan,” said Leslie, “but the next day, I was totally grossed out.”

And no richer for it, apparently.

“I gotta tell you, he wasn’t that great a tipper,” Leslie said. “As I recall, he didn’t even take his money out.”

On the Ragsdale baseball news, it seems there was some trouble after the Tigers’ prom and Coach Donnie Maness suspended 6 players for last Tuesday’s 2-1 win over Trinity in round one of the Piedmont-Triad 3-A conference tournament.

Coach Maness acted quickly to take care of business but one of the players became very upset with the Coach’s decision and he has been told not to return to the Ragsdale Tiger baseball team…..Coach Maness must have been making the right calls and pulling the correct strings because the Tigers won the tournament title last Friday night.

All of the problems were handled internally and Ragsdale may have come together at just the right time with Coach Maness taking charge of very tough situation. A baseball team is like a family and you have to play together to stay together.