Nick Hogan(Hulkster’s son) on the HOT SEAT!!!

Nick Hogan pleaded no contest rather than guilty to the charge of felony reckless driving involving a serious bodily injury on Friday. The court hearing is being streamed live on Portions of the hearing have also been airing on

Hulk Hogan and Linda McMahon are seated behind Nick and his attorney. Brooke Hogan is seated next to her mother, and a woman (believed to be Linda’s mother) is sitting between Brooke and Hulk. You can watch the footage at

Edward Graziano testified that Nick Hogan acted like a child who didn’t want to visit his grandmother when he visited John Graziano, the critically injured passenger of his car wreck, in the hospital. Graziano testified that Nick was more concerned with skateboarding and shooting dart guns than visiting his son. He also stated that Nick showed no remorse over the wreck, and said the Hogan family has been insincere in showing their concern.

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