Being chased by a DUCK

I was about a mile out from finishing my morning run on this Monday morning and I heard a sound that was very similar to that of a small dog with his little feet hitting the road in pursuit of a runner/jogger that might have violated his domain.

I paid very little attention to the noise at first as I was about a mile away from finishing my workout and not too much was going to slow me down or stop me at this stage of the game. I had heard this ploppity plop sound before when I passed this partucular part of the Pleasant Garden Road but had never paid any mind to the noise.

Ploppity plop, ploppity plop, ploppity plop…..Man this little dog is in it for the long haul.

I finally decided to take a look back over my shoulder and much to my surprise, I was staring down at a darn DUCK. Here’s this stinkin'(stinkin’ in a good way) DUCK chasing or following me down the road.

This DUCK is standing on two feet and chasing me down the street. Ploppity plob, ploppity plop, ploppity plop… I have never been chased or followed by a DUCK before. This DUCK stood about a foot tall and he or she wasn’t slowing down until I put it in high gear and said I better get the heck out of here or I’ll have a DUCK get hit by a truck while he/she is chasing me down the road.

I don’t need any DUCK soup and I hope that little fellow is back home today in his own back yard or front yard across from Ron’s Auto Repair on Pleasant Garden Road.

Just when you thought you had seen or heard it all, here comes a DUCK chasing or following you down the road while you’re out for the morning run/jog.

4 thoughts on “Being chased by a DUCK

  1. sounds like you might need to get a little afflac-i think that duck was trying to tell you something

  2. My record is the same as the one Bill Goldberg had until he was forced to give up the Goat or Ghost.

    I will never lose to a Stinkin’ DUCK, rabbit, goat, turtle, frog, toad, or Goose.

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