Dudley over HP Central 5-3 in the Seven on Seven chamionship game…

Dudley and High Point Central ended up playing for the 7 on 7’s championship HS football game this afternoon at Grimsley High School.

Greensboro Sports’ 2008-05-24 photoset

Dudley defeated HPC 5-3 in the title game that was halted by injury on the last unofficial play of the game. Play was stopped with about 5 minutes remaining when HP Central linebacker Ricky Dowdy(N.C. State signee) was injured in a collision that left him laying on the ground. Medical attendants on hand at the game worked with Ricky and the EMT’s were called in as a precautionary measure.

Ricky was loaded on to the EMS vehicle after we rolled him from the field to the truck. That’s right, EMT Tim McNeal was the attending responder and he is an old high school football teammate of mine and he asked me if I would help them in transporting Ricky Dowdy from the field to the truck. I said, “sure no problem”. I’m always ready to step in and help and we got Ricky safe and secured in the vehicle and they took him to the local hospital just to be safe and to make sure Ricky Dowdy was OK.

It was a great day for football and it’s a shame it had to end on that last play but collisions like this are very common in passing situations with numerous players coming across the from both teams at the same time.

Good job by Dudley as usual and watch for High Point Central, they look like they might be in the hunt this coming season, with a fine young quareterback and some talented receivers. We also wish Ricky Dowdy well and hope he is up and moving around with no problems later today. It was real hot out there and fluids were a flying so watch for our phots of the event coming up on this site later this weekend.

The final again, Dudley over High Point Central 5 scores(touchdowns) to 3 scores. The final game was played with in just “T” shirts and shorts, no pads and helmets.

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