Dudley over HP Central 5-3 in the Seven on Seven chamionship game…

Dudley and High Point Central ended up playing for the 7 on 7’s championship HS football game this afternoon at Grimsley High School.


Greensboro Sports' 2008-05-24 photosetGreensboro Sports’ 2008-05-24 photoset

Dudley defeated HPC 5-3 in the title game that was halted by injury on the last unofficial play of the game. Play was stopped with about 5 minutes remaining when HP Central linebacker Ricky Dowdy(N.C. State signee) was injured in a collision that left him laying on the ground. Medical attendants on hand at the game worked with Ricky and the EMT’s were called in as a precautionary measure.

Ricky was loaded on to the EMS vehicle after we rolled him from the field to the truck. That’s right, EMT Tim McNeal was the attending responder and he is an old high school football teammate of mine and he asked me if I would help them in transporting Ricky Dowdy from the field to the truck. I said, “sure no problem”. I’m always ready to step in and help and we got Ricky safe and secured in the vehicle and they took him to the local hospital just to be safe and to make sure Ricky Dowdy was OK.

It was a great day for football and it’s a shame it had to end on that last play but collisions like this are very common in passing situations with numerous players coming across the from both teams at the same time.

Good job by Dudley as usual and watch for High Point Central, they look like they might be in the hunt this coming season, with a fine young quareterback and some talented receivers. We also wish Ricky Dowdy well and hope he is up and moving around with no problems later today. It was real hot out there and fluids were a flying so watch for our phots of the event coming up on this site later this weekend.

The final again, Dudley over High Point Central 5 scores(touchdowns) to 3 scores. The final game was played with in just “T” shirts and shorts, no pads and helmets.

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  1. I just saw this piece over at the Pack Pride message board. Who were the adults in charge of running this event? This is the most moronic thing I have ever heard. I hope the people who put this on will be held responsible for their stupidity. Plan on making a call to the athletic director of the Guilford County school system on Tuesday morning to voice my concern.

  2. So, let’s see here. We’ve got enormous teenage athletes competing against each other in meaningless, exhibition tackle football, with no padding or football gear on. Some of these athletes are depending on scholarships to help better their lives and are relying on staying healthy to obtain said scholarships. Oh yeah, this 7 on 7 thing sounds perfectly logical to me. While we’re at it, why not have some of the nation’s best high-school basketball players play a shirts and skins tournament on a wet, slippery court in January? We’ll throw some broken glass on the court just to show how gangster we all are. Morons.

  3. This is a load. Dowdy such not have been involved in this “combine”. To my knowledge, these off season practices are not even legal. The NCHSAA would probably be interested in this report.

  4. For the quick witted morons who assume the worst , this was an HSPD passing league sponsored by the NFL. The kids went to a class and conditioning seminar last week and competed in a 7 on 7 tournament this past Saturday. All teams were to show up in shorts, T-shirts and a HELMET, unfortunately Dudley did not come prepared to do that so they played there 7 on 7 games without a helmet, and each team that played them had to do the same. This was not an exhibition tackle football game, no one out there was that DAMN stupid, it was 2 hand touch, and the score was 3-2 Dudley with 7 minutes left to go and HPC getting the ball on the next play. There was thorough paperwork and release forms that were signed and approved by parents, coaches and AD’s as well as a physical that had to be signed by a doctor. For those who are assuming the worst, this was simply a case of 2 kids lookig up and running into each other, Not a Tackle football game, not an illegal camp, not a quick money making scam on the parents and kids. SH#% happens in life, Ricky Dowdy is ok, and all is well, now please let the kids out of the damn plastic bubble to enjoy life and don’t assume the worst….besides, were you there to see it to make these insightful comments…….I don’t think so.

  5. People can say what they will but these pictures look great. This is major newspaper/TV station quality. I worked very hard and I am proud of my project.

    The kids in this town have never had coverage like this before and look at all those pictures. Greensborosports.com and our camera have really done it this time.

    I know it was a sunny day, with a super backdrop of Grimsley’s Jamieson Stadium but where have you ever seem so many pictures of this quality for FREE before?

    I don’t know how we are going to top this day of big-time snapshots, but we work very hard and end up being everywhere, so it will only take about a week to top this.

    Enjoy these pictures, we did it for the kids and it doesn’t get any better than this; college level, pros, I don’t care where you go, this was good stuff and there were some super kids on that field last Saturday and we are helping them get the recognition they deserve.

    Andy Durham

  6. Jay, thanks for shedding some light on this. I do have one question, why was Dudley allowed to play if they did not come prepared? If the rules state that you come in shorts, t-shirts and HELMETS, if you don’t bring your helmet, you should not be allowed to play. If the people making the rules thought wearing a helmet was important, why change the rules to accommdate those who don’t follow them. It sounds like those in charge did not want to “offend” anybody but that choice could have put some of the kids in harms way. Unlike some people on here, I am not trying to make a big deal about this, just wondering if Page had shown up without helmets, would they have been allowed to play?

  7. Jay, you said yourselves that the rules stated helmets. Dudley screwed up and didn’t bring theirs. The game was played anyway and a head injury allegedly occured. It is what it is, my man. By the way, if the worst had happend who exactly would have compensated Rickey’s family for the lost scholly?

  8. dudley was prepared. it didn’t say you had to have helmets. besides if the coaches didn’t want dudley to play they sould have said something, but everybody wanted to beat the best that’s all. you think dudley wants to get somebody hurt playing 7 on 7. they don’t even throw the ball that much and still went out there and beat everybody!!!!!!!!!!! glad to hear that ricky is doing ok and best of to him and his teammates this year.

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