Former WWE star Bobby Lashley tosses his hat into the MMA ring


Former World Wrestling Entertainment performer and decorated amateur wrestler Bobby Lashley is the latest signing for the Kentucky-based American Fight League.

A source close to the 31-year-old told ( that Lashley will be introduced as an AFL signee — perhaps the organization’s biggest to date — during the “Bulletproof” show at Phillips Arena in Atlanta.

Rumors of Lashley’s possible transition into MMA heated up over the past month, but few expected such a high-profile figure to sign with an organization so new to the national scene.

AFL officials declined to comment today, but one executive said some “major signings” will be announced at the show, which features a main event between AFL lightweight champ and former UFC fighter Diego Saraiva.

Terms of Lashley’s contract aren’t known, but it’s expected to be a non-exclusive deal.