Hey man, was that a COW that I just saw?????

On my Sunday morning run I saw a Black Angus cow trying to get back into a neighbor’s pasture after escaping from another neighbor’s cow pasture. This was a big black cow and it appeared to be a Black Angus.

I’m no Bryan Fellows from Saturday Night Live’s segment called “Bryan Fellow’s Safari Adventure”, but I do know a cow when I see one and that was a loose cow mooving on down the road on Sunday morning.

Seeing all of these animals up close and personal is becoming an all too frequent element of my Summer excursions but I’m not going to be doing too much complaining, because I have seen a truckload of animals, but I haven’t seen them all.

To coin an old phrase from a song of the 70’s, I’ve seen green alligators and long-necked geese, a humpy-backed Camel and some chimpanzees, some rats, some cats, some elephants but sure as I’m born, “Lord I haven’t seen a Unicorn”.